10 Best Microblading Pigments Ranked & Reviewed

By Emily M.| Last updated on April 10, 2024
best microblading pigments
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One of the most important aspects of achieving impeccable microblading results is the right choice of pigments.

Pigments determine the color, longevity, and overall outcome of the procedure so you should choose them carefully.

In this article, PMUHub brings you a top 10 list of the best microblading ink brands and ranks them based on their performance, quality, and popularity!

Best Microblading Pigments – Top 10 Products

Each of our selected pigment brands offers unique benefits, catering to various preferences and styles.

Whether you prioritize longevity, color intensity, or a more natural color payoff, we’re sure you’ll find the best microblading ink from our top 10 list below:

1. PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigments

PhiBrows SUPER Pigments are renowned for their exceptional quality and rich color payoff. But most importantly, the warm-fading-proof formula is something that helps PhiBrows SUPER pigments stay one step ahead.

Improved and perfected over the years, the formula is truly advanced. There are 5 pre-made shades that can be used as is, or modified further with their basic colors.

If you’re looking for optimal retention, PhiBrows SUPER formula is the best ink for microblading eyebrows due to its thick and creamy consistency.

However, we have to note that some artists experienced healed results that go a bit ashy, so keep that in mind when choosing your shade.

Here’s a detailed look at the PhiBrows pigment colors with a lot of real-life examples!

• Rich color saturation
• Super clean formula
• Warm-fading proof

• Premium price point
• Can heal a bit ashy

2. BIOTEK Milano More Than Ever Pigments

BIOTEK Milano More Than Ever Pigments offer a rich and creamy texture suitable for both microblading and permanent makeup techniques.

All BIOTEK pigments are produced in Italy and formulated with a focus on durability and color retention. These pigments are known for their stability, ensuring that the initial color remains consistent throughout the healing process.

Available in 0.24 oz (7 ml) and 0.61 oz (18 ml), BIOTEK pigments are conveniently packaged in airless bottles, ensuring minimal wastage and allowing every drop to be utilized effectively.

One note though – always start with neutral shades and warm up or cool down at the touch up, as needed.

• Wide range of shades
• 2 bottle sizes
• Compliant with EU & US regulations

• Some shades may appear warm after healing

2. Perma Blend Classic Pigment Range for Brows

Perma Blend pigments are a staple in the microblading industry, known for their reliability and consistent results. These pigments offer excellent color retention and are suitable for a wide range of skin tones.

But, their most important benefit according to artists is the longevity of their formula. However, we have to note that there are artists who characterize the consistency of these pigments as runny and report that it can impede their vision.

• Reliable and consistent color retention
• Versatile shade range
• Vegan & cruelty-free

• Runny consistency

3. Perma Blend LUXE Pigments for Brows

The Perma Blend LUXE pigment collection is designed in a way that meets the same standards of the classic Perma Blend pigment line but is formulated to be EU or REACH-compliant.

This advanced blend of high-quality inks ensures maximum color concentration and results that don’t shift or change after healing.

The LUXE pigment line offers a wide shade range that allows microblading artists to create customized looks for their clients.

Perma Blend is certainly one of the best microblading ink brands that allow for precise control and seamless blending. With Perma Blend LUXE pigments, you can confidently create flawless, natural-looking PMU that withstands the test of time.

• EU-compliant formulation
• Vibrant and long-lasting color
• Wide range of shades

• The shades are similar to the original range, but not the same
• Plus they’re called different names

4. Brow Daddy Gold Collection Pigments

Brow Daddy pigments have earned their spot in the microblading community for offering brow artists the most versatile shade range, suitable for the majority of skin tones and hair colors.

Created by artist Ruben Kasper and Perma Blend, the signature Gold Collection includes 10 shades – warm and neutral tones ranging from blonde to black.

In this collection, you’ll be able to find the best microblading pigment for dark skin, as shades like Schokolade and Tokyo Black fit people with the Fitzpatrick skin type 4, 5, or 6. Take a closer look at the Brow Daddy color chart here.

However, we have to note that these pigments are somewhat pricey, but many artists claim they need to do fewer passes when compared to some other pigment brands, which means they go through the bottle at a slower pace.

• Highly-pigmented formula
• Luxurious packaging
• 10 shades cover all clients

• Slightly higher price point

6. Doreme Concentrate Pigments

The Doreme Concentrate Pigments are known for their high color concentration and versatility. These pigments are designed to produce bold and vibrant results and come in a whopping 49 shades.

The good news for beginner artists or those looking to provide their clients with quality pigments that don’t cost a fortune is that Doreme pigments come at a very affordable price point.

Their formula is on the thicker, creamier side, which some artists really like. Others, however, don’t.

• Affordable price
• Wide shade range
• Highly pigmented formula

• Suitable only for microblading

7. Mellie Microblading Pigments

Mellie Microblading Pigments are known for their smooth application and stable results. They are easily available, reliable, and quite affordable when compared to other contenders in our list of the best microblading ink brands.

The Mellie Microblading Pigments don’t require mixing and are pretty easy to use. Artists have also reported that there are no changes in pigment when fading, so we say these pigments are truly a bang for your buck!

• Smooth & easy application
• Affordable
• Promises no color change

• Watery consistency

8. Madluvv Deluxe Ink Set for Microblading

Madluvv Pigments are appreciated for their versatility and ease of use. These pigments have a gel-like consistency that is formulated to provide up to 80-90% pigment retention.

Madluvv Pigments are suitable for microblading and machine work. There is no need to mix or modify any of the colors in this line, however, the colors can be mixed to achieve a custom color formulation specific to your client.

These pigments are designed to retain their vibrancy over time but keep in mind that they heal anywhere from precisely true to color to a little ashier than the initial result, depending on the client’s skin’s oxidation level.

• Vibrant and long-lasting results
• Versatile formula

• Some shades may require mixing
• Ashier healed results than expected

9. Evenflo Eyebrow Pigments

The Evenflo pigment range is actually the first ever machine-optimized formula – but it can definitely be used for microblading, too. And it works really well!

Its unique features are a liquid consistency, a high pigment load and tiny, tiny pigment particles. All this ensures a relatively shallow machine implementation is enough to give great healed results – but all these characteristics are also great for manual hair strokes.

This line is primarily branded as a powder brows/nano brows collection. So while machine artists definitely know that Evenflo is a great choice, it may not be the first thing microblading artists reach for.

But it’s definitely worth a shot! The only potential downside – runny consistency. And the color range isn’t that wide, but it covers all Fitz types.

• High pigment load
• Great color payoff

• Runny consistency
• Somewhat limited color range

Best Microblading Pigments – Main Takeaways

We hope that our top 10 list of the best microblading pigments helped you find the right formula for you and your clients and provided a more in-depth look into the most popular pigment brands.

Remember, when searching through the best microblading pigments, the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing are their reliability and their healed results.

Opting for a clean, high-quality formula is also very important as you want to minimize any risk of unwanted allergic reactions.

But in terms of consistency, organic/inorganic opposition and pigment load, your personal preference is what ultimately decides.



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