Best Eyebrow Stamp Kit in 2024 with Pros & Cons

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on March 14, 2024
best eyebrow stamp kit
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This is an objective, non-biased article. We base our product choices on various factors, such as product reviews, ingredient analysis, and overall reputation of brands. It does, however, contain affiliate links for featured products.

We get it – having the perfect brows all the time isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing them at home.

Somehow it seems that they never turn out as perfect as you want them to be. Pencils break, pomades dry out, and your natural brows just don’t cut it.

But maybe investing in a good brow stamp will be the right choice! They’re super simple and don’t require too much skill or patience to get right.

If you’re ready to give it a go, check out the best eyebrow stamp kits on Amazon!

4 Best Eyebrow Stamp Kits

Choosing the right product can get annoying, especially since there are just so many options out there. To give you a hand, we chose these 4 as the best of the best and pointed out their biggest pros and cons:

The MADLUVV Eyebrow Stencil Kit

This kit is the most famous one on our list, and that comes as no surprise!

The set includes the stamp and the stencils, and comes in 8 different colors to match your natural brows. There are also 6 different stencils, meaning that there are 6 different looks to choose from.

The kit also comes with a convenient bag that makes storage easier, and a spoolie to perfect your brows after stamping them. It’s also certified by PETA as a cruelty-free and completely vegan product.

• Doesn’t come off during the day
• Certified by PETA

• Priciest one on the list

The iMethod Eyebrow Stamp and Eyebrow Stencil Kit

This kit by iMethod includes absolutely everything you’ll need to get the perfect brow – a spoolie, a brush, 10 stencils, a brow pomade, and a sponge applicator. There are also 11 colors to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

The pomade itself is long-lasting and waterproof, making this a great product for hotter days and more active customers.

Plus, it all comes in a handy little pouch that makes it more convenient for travelers. This set is also cruelty-free and vegan.

• Water and smudge-proof
• Lots of color and stencil options

• Some users say the colors are slightly darker than they seem online

The Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit by OETUIOW

This kit offers the most versatility – there are a whopping 24 stencils to choose from! There are also 6 colors, which is the average for this kind of product.

The pomade that comes with it is also smudge- and waterproof, although users say that it comes off more easily than they’d like it to – but this can be handled with a little bit of setting spray over your brows.

• 24 different stencils
• Water and smudge-proof

• Reviewers say the pomade rubs off easily

The i-ENVY Brow Stamp by KISS

The i-ENVY kit made it onto the list because the product itself is super affordable, but has the quality of a high-end brand. The packaging is very straightforward – you get the stamps and the ink pad.

This kit is different from the others because there is no stencil – the pad itself is shaped like an eyebrow. Although this does make the process much simpler, it’s also a huge drawback that you can’t choose the shape yourself – there are only 2 that come with the product.

They do fit most people, though.

Still, this is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

• Super affordable
• Very easy to use

• Just two shapes available
• Difficult to clean

How to Use an Eyebrow Stamp

Here’s a short step-by-step guide to using brow stamps:

  1. Remove any products you have on your brows.
  2. Choose a stencil.
  3. Align it along your natural brow. It’s easiest if you start from the tail or end.
  4. Press the stamp. Again, it’s best to start from the end.
  5. Gently lift the stencil.
  6. Brush the brow with a spoolie.
  7. Fill in any gaps.
  8. Repeat on the other brow.
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Why Should I Buy a Brow Stamp Kit?

The first and most obvious benefit that a brow stamp kit has over other tools and products is that it’s so much easier. There’s a guideline you can follow, so there’s no trouble around creating the perfect shape and, more importantly, replicating it on the other brow.

Other than that, this is a totally mess-free option. There’s no fallout like with powder-based products or any loose ink that can ruin your look – just a literal stamp you press on.

Because the product is so easy to use, it also means that you’ll save a lot of time, especially after a few times when you really get the hang of it.

Finally, we have to mention that it’s also pretty affordable when compared to its trendy alternatives.

If Not Even the Best Eyebrow Stamp Kit Cuts It, Go for a More Permanent Look

As easy and clean eyebrow stamp kits can be, there’s nothing easier than not having to do your brows at all! That’s why many people opt to get semi-permanent brows and only worry about occasional touchups rather than making their brows a daily activity.

For example, a popular option is eyebrow tinting – a treatment very similar to coloring your hair. It can give your brows the perfect shape and some added fullness. A new and improved version on the market is hybrid brow tinting, which gives a slightly prolonged look.

Another very similar alternative is henna brows, a treatment that also tints the skin under the brows. Henna brows also use a different kind of dye.

Learn all you need to know about these treatments in our guides:



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