Best Brow Looks at Met Gala 2024: Zendaya, Tyla & More

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 8, 2024
best brow look met gala 2024
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Florals for Spring? We never saw that one coming. While this might be a cliché dress-wise, eyebrows at this year’s Met Gala were anything BUT.

It’s time to put the spotlight on the boldest brow looks showcased at the Met Gala 2024, explore the latest trends in the world of eyebrow PMU, and get some much-needed inspo for your next classy event or everyday attire.

Tyla’s Edgy Brow

Tyla’s eyebrows were as daring as her dress which was made from a combination of three different types of sand. With a sharp and precise eyebrow slit, her brows exuded boldness and adventure, perfectly reflecting her spirit for the night.

Her skin glowed with sifted sand, enhancing the overall masterpiece of her look. If you’re in the mood to try out something daring – this is the perfect time to let your personality shine just like Tyla.

Perhaps a bold brow slit is just what you needed to complete your look and make a statement. Read more about the trend here!

tyla best brow looks met gala 2024Image Source: Instagram @metgalaofficial_

Zendaya’s 2-for-1 Iconic Brow Look

Who doesn’t love Zendaya, right? Well at this year’s Met Gala she decided to grace us with not one, but two different attires and matching brow looks.

The first outfit was inspired by a 1999 Dior piece featuring royal blue and emerald green. Her ’90s-inspired thin, upward-arch brows perfectly complemented this outfit, making her look stunning.

Later on during the event, she returned with a new look, wearing a black gown from John Galliano’s Givenchy era and carrying an avant-garde bouquet. Yet, the focus remained on her eyebrows, which she bleached, showcasing her ever-evolving style.

Zendaya once again proved that she’s a natural-born style icon!

Image Source: Instagram @metgalaofficial_

Amanda Seyfried’s Bushy Brows

The Mamma Mia star grabbed our attention with her signature blonde beauty and structured, metallic-silver hair-do and tiara. But what stood out the most were her full, naturally fluffy eyebrows, which perfectly matched the event’s theme.

The Prada outfit showcased her bold fashion sense, while the touch of Old Hollywood glamour added to her overall look. All in all, Seyfried’s style choices and her natural features made for a memorable appearance on the red carpet.

Image Source: Instagram @mingey

Doja Cat’s Upward Brow Style

Doja Cat’s style is always unique, so it’s no surprise she showed up at the Met Gala first in a towel and then in a wet white T-shirt.

She’s famous for always pushing the boundaries and keeping the fashion and beauty world on their toes. For this event, she took inspiration from cotton, the most commonly used material she considers very poetic.

Yet, despite the change of style, she kept her authentic,upward-pointed eyebrows, showcasing her edginess and versatility. Discover more of her brow looks here!

doja cat met gala 2024Image Source: Instagram @dojacat

Adwoa Aboah’s Natural Brow Charm

Adwoa Aboah made everyone gasp at the event by revealing her pregnancy and showcasing her baby bump on the red carpet. She wore a striking, cherry-red outfit from H&M consisting of a ruffled crop top and a matching maxi skirt.

She kept her makeup minimal but added a pop of color with an avant-garde red lip, complementing her fresh-faced glow.

The softly arched brows highlighted her big eyes and flawlessly matched the rest of her makeup, showcasing her natural beauty and completing her striking ensemble.

advoa aboah met gala 2024Instagram Source: Instagram @adwoaaboah

So, Which One of These Looks Gets Your Vote?

The Met Gala 2024 showcased stunning eyebrow looks – some shocked us, some inspired us, and some made us swoon.

Amanda’s bushy brows perfectly complemented her natural beauty, while Doja Cat added an edgy twist to her all-wet look with straight brows. Adwoa Aboah’s natural brow charm was the cherry on top of a super sweet outfit (pregnancy belly and all).

Choosing your favorite look may not be easy, but one thing is for sure: well-maintained eyebrows are a timeless accessory that you can use to reinvent your style, take it from our favorite celebs!



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