Best Apps For PMU Business: Bookings, Forms, Photo Editing

By Katarina V.| Last updated on June 2, 2023
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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to do any job without the help of technology. New apps have been developed every day to make our lives and jobs easier.

PMU artists are no exceptions – they use different applications to help them while working and presenting their work online. So we conducted a survey and asked them to recommend their favorite apps. Here’s what they say.

For bookings

Vagaro is the most popular app for bookings. The price of the app is $25 per month, but it offers a free trial version. It is suitable for all devices. Artists say that it is practical and easy to use, and seem pretty satisfied with the numerous features it offers.

Acuity is seeming to take over the throne. More and more pmu artists are recommending it and love it more than Vagaro. They are both easy to use, but so far, Acuity is higher rated and it is cheaper – starts at $15 per month and has a free trial. The disadvantage is that it processes payments through other parties.

Square – a lot of artists love square and claim it is the best for payments. There is an option to integrate square on Acuity too, and the artists love this. Most of the features are free and they now have the option of digital contracts as well.

App for bookings

For consent forms

Paper is a thing of a past. Printed documents get lost easily and it takes ages to go through them to find the right one. So now more and more artists are getting an IPad where they keep everything work related. They move to online forms and the most popular apps are Jot form and Microblading App.

Jot form is an app that lets you make your own form. There is a free version, but you have to pay $29 a month.

Microblading App is the most affordable and complete for paperless consent forms. It comes with preloaded templates for the most popular PMU procedures. You can also create your own forms from scratch. The app is available for phones or tablets (apple or android). The first 10 forms are free.

App for consent forms

For virtual consultations

Some artists use apps to show their clients what their brows might look like. The clients send selfies and the artists add brows in the app.

For this option, they usually use Microblading App or ProCreate. Artists say that this type of consultation brings them more bookings.

App for virtual consultation

For mapping

When it comes to help with mapping, most clients say that there is no better app than PhiApp, and it is free. BeautyPro Symmetry App is also said to be a great tool to measure the symmetry of the eyebrow design.

App for mapping

For editing photos

Online presence is everything! You need great, professional photos for your website and Facebook and Instagram profile.

  • PMU artists say that the most important thing about the photos is the lightning. Applications for editing photos will definitely make them better, but the first thing you want to invest in is the good lightning. So, a ring light most salons have is pretty affordable. For the best result, bring it close to the face of your customer when taking pictures.
  • Also, the angle is of great importance. Always take pictures of your clients from the same angle and move the ring light around.
  • In order to edit your photos and emphasise the beauty of your work, you will need to remove some skin imperfections your client might have. Also, there are various great apps to make collages in order to represent the before and after picture.

We made a list of the most popular photo editing apps among successful permanent makeup artists:

Snapseed. According to our survey, Snapseed is the most popular free app for editing photos. PMU artists use it mostly for smoothing the clients skin, making the pictures look professional.

Facetune and Facetune 2 are also great for retouching photos. The app costs $3.99 to open all the editing tools. Facetune 2 is a newer version with a lot of free features, but for the best one you have to pay $9.99 annually. You can smooth the face, whiten teeth and it has a lot of filters.

Lightroom is perfect for reducing redness and it has great filters that will not make your pictures look fake.

Meitu is commonly recommended by PMU artists as well. It is a free app that advertises as “master for selfie, pic beautifying and video editing”. Artists indeed say it is great for retouching photos as well as making collages to show before/after work.

App for editing photos

For making collages

Picsart is the most popular one for collages, adding the logo and removing blemishes. It is free, but there are some in-app purchases.

Canva is great for collages and adding text to the picture. It has a bunch of free templates which you can adjust and use for instagram posts, stories, and any other social network. You can make your own aftercare tips cards and print them out. It is also great for adding your logo.

Split Pic has become interesting recently, since some artists started making before/after pictures by putting the two pictures together with a blended border without seeing the line.

is another great app for blurring the edges in your before and after photos. It is done with a brush tool. You can do a similar thing with Picsart by lessening the opacity level of one picture and then use the eraser tool to blend them together. Photoshop’s erase tool will also do the same.

Make sure you don’t go too far with filters, because the photo will look fake and unrealistic. The best thing to do is to edit blemishes out and smooth skin softly, without a noticeable filter. Because, the more unrealistic they look, the less clients will trust you and it can lead to false expectations.

App for making collages

Video editing

Posting great videos on your Instagram and Facebook profile will bring you more followers and engagement. Video content is very important and it will be even more popular in the future.

The artists usually recommend Videoleap, iMovie and InShot apps for video editing. However, artists are struggling to find a perfect video editing app that will smooth the clients skin without ruining the quality of the video. Clear Video App might help as well as Instagram filter Paris, but the quality of the video might not be satisfying.

Meitu app has been said to be the best for removing blemishes on clients skin.

Diff before after app is perfect for animated before after videos, with a slide. They have a free trial which expires, then you have to pay $20 a year.

App for video editing

Additional note

If you are not very skillful with the apps or you don’t have time to deal with it, hire someone who knows how to make great photos and keep your social network image on point. Remember that in the PMU industry online image is very important so you want it to be spot on.

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