The Evolution of the Bellar PMU Machine: Different Models Compared

By Emily M.| Last updated on November 29, 2022
bellar pmu machine comparison
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If you are looking to get a new permanent makeup machine and started researching which PMU machines are the most popular among PMU artists, there’s no way you haven’t come across the Microbeau Bellar.

The Bellar PMU machine is the one machine many artists swear by, so today, we’ll explain what’s so great about it, and compare the 3 versions of Bellar launched so far.

Why Is the Bellar PMU Machine So Popular?

Bellar stands out because of its features that make it a perfect choice for all the artists who want a quality machine that will help them give out outstanding results and satisfy clients.

First of all, the Bellar is lightweight, and many artists emphasize this as one of its most valuable features. With only 2.36 oz (66.9 g), and just a little bit more with newer models, it doesn’t make your hand tired, even after hours of work.

Then, it’s really quiet. It produces very low vibration, which doesn’t disturb the client.

So, even though it’s lightweight and quiet, you may think it’s not powerful enough, but, quite the contrary, the Bellar is very powerful and precise – perfect for hair strokes and detailed work.

What Treatments Is Bellar PMU Machine Good For?

Most artists agree that the Bellar is perfect for delicate and precise work, such as hair strokes, PMU eyeliner, or lip tattoos. But it’s also suitable for eyebrow shading.

So basically, it’s great for all the PMU treatments you can offer in your salon, even scalp micropigmentation.

Being so flexible, it can be the only machine in your salon and you won’t need another one, even if you offer several treatments.

Different Versions of the Bellar PMU Machine

Currently, there are 3 versions of the Bellar tattoo machine: the first Bellar, Bellar V2, and Bellar Air.

Let’s compare these 3 machines and see what changes and improvements have been made for new models. And hopefully, help you decide which one to buy.

Microbeau Bellar V1 – The First One

The first version of Microbeau Bellar permanent makeup machine has become a household name in the PMU industry.

Artists loved its ergonomic shape, its light weight, that it’s compatible with any standard universal membrane cartridge, and especially its precision and consistency.

Some claim that Bellar is meant for more experienced artists, but this mostly has to do with its price. It’s a bit on the higher side and beginners are usually not ready to invest so much in a machine – even though it would help them improve their technique faster.

But with the appearance of new versions, the price of the first version dropped significantly and it costs much much less now. However, it’s not that easy to find.

Luckily, PMUHub still has the first version of Bellar available, in different colors, and at a new price. Check it out!

Microbeau Bellar V2

The new and improved version of the Bellar PMU machine has arrived, but how exactly is it different from its predecessor?

The first difference is that Bellar V2 has a 2.8 mm stroke, while the old Bellar has a 2.1 mm stroke. Higher stroke means more versatility and more precision.

Other improvements include Bellar V2 being pairable with the AirBolt Mini for a cordless experience.

This machine also has a click grip mechanism which is a new feature. It enables the needle to stay stable which results in even patterns and perfect pixels.

Bellar and Bellar V2 are similar when it comes to their ergonomic features and weight. The new version is also lightweight, pen-style, and compact.

What PMU artists also love about the new version of the Bellar PMU machine is that the price is relatively affordable.

Microbeau Bellar Air

Now, Bellar Air is really something. Made for fans of cordless machines, the Bellar Air is completely wireless.

It has a detachable battery with a digital display with options to manage speed, timing, voltage, and eGive parameters. Once the battery runs out, you can easily switch it with the auxiliary battery, without interrupting your session.

With Bellar Air, you have a choice of 2.1 mm and 3.0 mm stroke options. This means the machine is suitable for a variety of techniques on different skin textures.

Bellar Air is luxurious and smart, as its numerous improved features will really make your work top-notch.

When it comes to price, Bellar Air is currently more expensive than the other two, but its futuristic features make it worth every penny.

Which Bellar Should I Choose?

If you are a beginner artist or an already established one, but have been eyeing the Bellar machine, now is the right time to get it.

The price is lower than ever and you can choose between the tried and true Bellar 1, or the new and improved version, Bellar 2.

If you are looking to go wireless, Bellar Air is the one to go for. However, it cost more than the other two versions.

Bellar PMU Machines Side by Side Comparison

Bellar PMU Machines comparison

You Can’t Go Wrong with Microbeau Bellar

Whichever model of the Bellar PMU machine you choose, you’ve made the right choice. The Bellar machine has been reviewed as one of the best PMU machines on the market and it can be the only one you need.

To find out what other PMU machines PMUHub and our readers recommend, check out this article.

Or, get your Bellar now in PMUHub’s Shop – we even have the old in stock!

By shopping in PMUHub Shop, you’re supporting our effort to keep pushing out useful content that will inform, educate, and spread knowledge about the PMU industry. And you’re making us really really happy!



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