BB Glow Lips – Semi-Permanent Lip Tint

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 13, 2021
BB Glow Lips - A New Semi-Permanent Lip Enhancement
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Makeup that runs and smudges is slowly but surely being replaced by permanent and semi-permanent solutions. The newest lip enhancement treatment on the menu is BB glow lips, a semi-permanent lip tinting treatment that colors your lips in a sheer shade of your choice.

An extension of the BB glow facial, this new treatment is done in a very similar way, so it’s often done as an add-on service. It can give your lips a natural pop of color that can last for several months.

Sounds nice, right? Let’s learn more about BB glow lips.

What Are BB Glow Lips?

BB glow lips are a form of semi-permanent lip enhancement that gives your lips the look of wearing a lip tint – a sheer dose of color that blends into the lips naturally. It’s a treatment that colors the lips from within, so the results are water and smudge-proof.

An additional effect is nourishment and plumping. The nanoneeling technique in itself improves the firmness and texture of the lips, triggering a regeneration cycle and boosted collagen production. The serums used also hydrate the lips from within, which gives a slight plumping effect.

It’s important to note that BB glow lips are not permanent makeup. The treatment is done in a different way, using a different technique, and the results are not meant to last as long.

BB glow lips are a form of semi-permanent lip enhancement.Image source: Instagram @beauty_by_esra_ay

How Are BB Glow Lips Done?

Much like the BB glow facial, BB glow lips are a form of nanoneedling combined with the application of a tinted serum. A nanoneedling (or a microneedling) pen is used to open up the skin of the lips in tiny cuts, and a special tined serum that penetrates the skin is applied.

Here’s the overview of the BB glow lips treatment step by step:

Step 1 – Cleaning

The lips are cleaned to remove any makeup or lip balm residues.

Step 2 – Booster Chemical Peel

The booster formula is applied onto the lips with a cotton swab applicator. This is a gentle chemical peel that will remove the dead skin and make your lips smooth to ensure a more even application of the tinted serum.

It’s left on between 30 seconds and 1 minute.
Then it’s wiped off with a cotton pad.

Step 3 – Tinted Serum Application

The lips are covered with a tinted serum in the color of your choice.

A nanoneedling device is pressed against the lips and the tech goes over them back and forth. The tiny nanoneedles pierce the skin and allow the serum to enter it.

The application takes up to 4 minutes.

If the tech notices the color hasn’t been implemented evenly, they can repeat this process.

Step 4 – Serum Mask

More tinted serum is applied onto the lips. It’s left on for about 5 minutes to let the lips soak up the serum and achieve better color saturation.

Then, the lips are thoroughly wiped with a cotton pad.

Step 5 – Nourishing Formula

Finally, a nourishing formula, usually in the form of an oil, is applied onto the lips to hydrate and soothe them.

The overview of the BB glow lips treatment step by step.Image source: Instagram @marianmaja_faceaesthetic

Does the BB Glow Lips Treatment Hurt?


The needles of a nanoneedling pen are extremely thin. The implementation depth is very shallow. Therefore, there’s no pain involved in the treatment, although you will feel some scratching, tingling, and vibrations of the machine.

If a microneedling device is used to implement the color, the treatment may be a bit more uncomfortable, since the needles are somewhat thicker.

Do BB Glow Lips Require Multiple Sessions?

It depends on how long you want the effects to last.

One session gives you about 2 weeks of juicy lips.

If you want the effects to last longer, you can book more sessions done 2-4 weeks apart. With 2-4 sessions, the color can last out around 4 months, maybe even a bit longer, depending on how well your lips retain color and your care routine.

What Colors Are Available?

The color range includes delicate pinks, red shades, and wine-colored shades. So the colors of most popular lipstick shades.

How Are BB Glow Lips Different from PMU Lip Blush?

While PMU lip blushing is a form of cosmetic tattooing, BB glow lips are a form of micro/nanoneedling. The 2 key differences are the depth of implementation and the formula of the product used.

With BB glow lips, the color is implemented more shallowly into the skin of the lips than with lip blushing. The color in the BB glow lips serum is less pigmented, less dense – it’s not a PMU pigment, but rather a tinted serum. Lip blush is done with a more concentrated formula, a liquid pigment.

Since the implementation depth is more shallow, and since the color is much less concentrated, the effects of BB glow lips fade much quicker than lip blushing, which can last for years.

The BB glow lips treatment is also much less uncomfortable.

Is There Any Downtime or Aftercare?

There’s no actual downtime and you can go back to your normal activities. Your lips will feel nourished and moisturized right after the treatment.

There might be some slight swelling, itchiness, or tenderness, but it will subside quickly.

In terms of aftercare, it’s nothing complicated, but you do need to pay some special attention in order to avoid infection and get the best color retention:

  • Don’t touch your lips for at least 24 hours. No scratching.
  • Minimize getting your lips wet for about 7 days.
  • Don’t expose your lips to extreme heat for 10 days: stay away from steam and direct sunlight.
  • No makeup or care products other than the recommended balm for 10 days.
  • Moisturize your lips with a balm recommended by your artist as often as you feel the need to.
  • Use a gentle cleanser in order to ensure better color retention and no irritation.

How Much Do BB Glow Lips Cost?

BB glow lips are charged per session.

The average price of a session is around $90, but it can cost up to $200.

Most salons offer package deals, since most clients get multiple sessions.

The average price of a session is around $90, but it can cost up to $200.Image source: Instagram

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

The BB glow lips treatment is something very new on the market, so not many beauticians offer this service. Also, it hasn’t really been studied, so you should be careful about who you book and which products they use.

Want to find out more about the BB glow facial? Check out our guide here.

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