BB Glow: Can We Trust the New Beauty Trend to Be Actually Safe?

BB Glow: Can We Trust the New Beauty Trend to Be Actually Safe? by

The wonders of the semi-permanent makeup never stop to amaze us, especially with all the innovations that keep appearing. Thanks to their never-ending novelties, we can now have perfectly done eyebrows or eyeliner without ever reaching for our make-up kit. Similarly, perfect lips or even faux freckles can also be achieved with only one or two visits to the aesthetician.

Now, the newest trend, known as the BB glow or semi-permanent BB cream is offering us the possibility to have an even pigmentation on our face, free of dark circles and red spots. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Waking up in the morning with the light and natural-looking foundation on your face, really does sound like a dream come true. 

However, there are some questions about how safe it is and what do the dermatologists have to say about it?

What is semi-permanent BB cream?

Think of it as tinted skincare which provides your face with a nice and even foundation, without putting any of those heavy products that clog your pores. 

The most important aspect of it is that it doesn’t look like actual and heavy makeup, but it rather blends with your face, giving it a natural and glowing appearance, which resembles a light-weight makeup.

According to Aishe Balic, one of the first people who offered this treatment in the USA, “this pigment is specifically made to go inside the bloodstream, and it’s totally safe.” After two sessions, the treatment should even out the skin tone and lighten dark circles and redness.

How is it done?

Similarly to microblading and other microneedling treatments, this technique also involves the use of micro needles which insert the bb cream under your skin, giving it an even tone. 

According to the aestheticians who practice this technique, bb cream not only provides brighter and even complexion, but the microneedles also increase the skin’s production of elastin and collagen.

According to their explanation, the needles penetrate the upper layer of the skin, forcing it to heal and grow even stronger. Therefore, in this way, your skin receives both the pigment and it’s forced to increase the production of valuable elements that make the skin healthier and stronger.

Yet, not everyone agrees about it, with most of dermatologists still being skeptical about the safety of this procedure.

How long does it last?

The treatment itself usually lasts up to three hours, with the first hour being reserved for the application of the numbing cream. After the area is numbed, it takes around two hours for the artist to insert the pigment under the skin. 

For the best results, it is necessary to have one more session in around two weeks after the first one.

The effects of the procedure last between six months and a year, with most clients opting for a touch-up after six months, when the pigments start to fade.

How much do BB glow treatment cost?

The price for the two sessions varies between $300 and $500, depending on the popularity of the treatment and the experience of the artist, as well as the location of the salon.

Is it painful?

The use of needles, regardless of their size, does invoke a fair share of fright, and it’s completely normal. Still, similar to other microneedling procedures, this procedure includes the use of the numbing cream which helps greatly.

Only after the cream starts kicking, the artist will continue with the procedure, so no serous pain should be expected.

bb glow - new semi permanent treatment

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Are there any potential risks of the treatment?

Being so new, this treatment hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet, which may cause many to worry about potential downsides to the treatment. 

Although the makeup artist who offer this treatment in their salons ensure the safety of the procedure, there are many who are still not convinced.

The aestheticians claim that they do not recommend the treatment to everyone, especially not to those with extra sensitive skin, skin prone to acnes or for anyone suffering from skin ailments such as psoriasis, or pregnant women and those who breastfeed.  

Moreover, there are still only three pigments available on the market, with the artists making the right shade by mixing them. They, however do not correspond to all skin types, and therefore are not suitable for anyone.

Are there any side effects?

Common side-effects that dermatologists and skin specialist warn can happen are those common for any microneedling process, and they include: swelling, redness, scarring, pain, discoloration, infection, bruising, and pain.

The BB cream may add additional problems, which, according to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a board-certified dermatologist are: “itching, bumps, rashes, delayed rashes or inflammatory reactions to the pigment years later, skin infection, or a type of scar called granulomas.” There might be additional complications for those suffering from more serious skin conditions, which is why Levin urges them to visit a dermatologist before opting for this controversial treatment. 

One other issue dermatologists tend to voice is that regular BB creams, when applied daily offer sufficient SPF protection from the sun. If, however, you insert the cream under your skin, you won’t have the need to apply it again, and in that way, you will lose the protection you require. Therefore, if you decide for the treatment, do not forget to apply your sun protection.

What do specialists suggest?

One thing every skin specialist agrees and advises is that, in case you decide for this treatment, firstly do a thorough research. Consult with a doctor to see whether or not your skin can take this kind of procedure. 

Further, find a licensed practitioner with experience and ask about the risks and whether or not you can remove the pigment if you don’t like it, or if it causes problems.

For the end, be cautious!

We all understand the benefits of this treatment, and how much time it will save you, especially during those chaotic mornings. Apart from that, there is nothing better than not having to worry about redness or dark circles, or unequal pigmentation on your face. Having a smooth and equal complexion can only add to your self-esteem, and we all know it.

However, regardless of the numerous benefits the treatment may have, you should be aware of the fact that it still hasn’t been FDA-approved nor there are sufficient people who underwent the procedure, so you might not know what kind of complications it might entail in the future. And not to forget the disapproving comments by the dermatologists. 

So, proceed with caution and take everything into consideration before you decide.  

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