Are Thin Eyebrows Making a Comeback? Let’s Discuss Skinny Brows!

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 24, 2023
thin eyebrows
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Lately, brows have been through a lot – futuristic arches upward, pushed the wrong way to appear more messy and boyish, and even completely bleached or shaved off.

Recently people are starting to favor thin eyebrows again. As with every other trend, 90’s skinny brows have circled back around. Fun fact: Google searches for “thin brows” have increased by 450%!

With Gen Z trying so hard to go against all previous millennial trends it was only a matter of time before thick “Instagram” brows got replaced by a complete 180 – thin 90’s brows.

Let’s see why these brows are trending again and how you can achieve the look without ruining your natural arches forever.

Why Are Thin Eyebrows Trending Again?

Well, there are a few factors contributing to this trend’s revival.

Firstly, there’s some serious 90s nostalgia going on and the revival of the 2000s fits into trends’ 20 years rule. Other than that, TikTok filters played a major role in making thin brows appealing to younger generations.

Besides, recently, the effortless look seems to be the goal. With the clean girl esthetic and y2k nostalgia movements, it’s no wonder skinny brows seem so appealing.

The Gen Z population shows a new appreciation of the elegant arches that elongate the face and give that facelift effect which is reminiscent of supermodels like Bella Hadid, but even more of the early 90s supermodels.

thin eyebrows Bella HadidImage source: Instagram @bellahadid

Microblading vs Skinny Brows – Do They Cancel Each Other Out?

10 years ago, bushy Cara Delevingne-esque brows were all the rage. Everyone wanted them and many people were unhappy with their natural skinny brows. Microblading was there to save them and allow them to participate in that trend.

But what about now? What should those with microbladed eyebrows do when these are no longer in style? Do they remove the pigment? Do they protest the trend?

Well, there is a silver lining. Microblading fades! If you got your brows microbladed some time ago, before thin eyebrows came back, chances are your microblading isn’t that fresh anymore. Some of the strokes may have faded, or they softened and the ones around the edges of your brow can be covered with some foundation.

If your microblading is still crisp and bold yet you want it thinned down, you might be able to get shape correction. An experienced artist may be able to re-work your previous shape by removing pigment from the spots that are outside of the new stencil.

thin eyebrows vs microbladingImage source: Instagram

Can I Get the Thin Eyebrows Look with Permanent Makeup?

Yes, and microblading thin eyebrows can turn out great. It’s simple: just get your artist to play up the arch and create a nice tapered tail.

For a thinner and more sculpted look, the pigment concentration (be it the strokes of microblading or the pixels of powder brows) should be focused in the center of the brow instead of its end. That creates a bolder arch.

But for a thin arch to look natural, it’s important to soften it. Creating angular arches will look unnatural and over-plucked (which is not the goal this time around). Ideally, you should ensure your brows are shaped in a way that complements the shape of your eyes.

To help keep things modern, the front of the brow is much fuller than it was in the 90s.

But before you commit to something as permanent as microblading or powder brows, maybe you should try skinny brows with some hair removal and makeup first.

thin eyebrows with permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @clarity.tattoos

Alternatively, Try Brow Lamination

Trendy skinny brows look can also be achieved with brow lamination for an extra feathery and brushed-up effect. It will give your face a lifting effect without having to thin out and remove the hairs that you naturally already have. This is a semi-permanent solution, though – it only lasts about 6 weeks.

try brow laminationImage source: Instagram @adea_lashes

Are Thin Eyebrows a Good Choice for Me?

A lot of people dislike the fact that thin eyebrows are making a comeback. The main argument is the fact that not many can pull it off – but that statement is true for any trendy brow. There never was any universally flattering brow shape, you have to take into account the structure of your face and find the most fitting solution.

The good thing nowadays is that trends are numerous. That means you have more choices to find what works for you and your style without having to compromise looking … a bit off or outdated.

On the other hand, some claim that having the right style that compliments your face is no longer a priority; today, brows serve the purpose of conveying a certain attitude. They’re a statement piece if you will!

If you are unsure whether this 90s brow trend is for you, there is no harm in just trying it once. It won’t cause serious damage to your arches unless you continuously overpluck them.

are thin eyebrows a good choiceImage source: Instagram @charlottefitzjohnmua

Beware – The Dangers of Overplucking

With skinny brows being back in, it’s finally time for those with naturally thin brows to celebrate them! But if you don’t naturally have slim brows, there are still ways to join in this trend – just be cautious. Deliberately removing hairs for the sake of the trend has its toll.

Your brows will grow back but it does take some time and patience. The timing depends from person to person, but in the best-case scenario, it takes about a month (the growth cycle of the eyebrow hairs is between 4 to 6 weeks). For some, it can take several months, even years in extreme cases!

The only reason why hairs might not return is due to damage or trauma to hair follicles during the hair removal process – repetitive and excessive tweezing or waxing.

That is exactly the reason so many are against the thin eyebrows trend. Those that have lived through the tweezer-mania before are cringing at the thought of having to pluck their eyebrows again. For years they have been struggling to bring their eyebrows to their previous, fuller version.

That’s one club you don’t want to join, so perhaps getting professional brow shaping is the safest option – an experienced tech will use gentler hair removal techniques you can’t really do on your own, like threading.

Final Piece of Advice

Trends are fun to participate in but you have to remember they come and go fast – today faster than ever. There is seemingly a new thing each month and these microtrends become incredibly hard to follow (not to mention very unsustainable both for the environment and the wallet).

So if you are someone that likes the look of thin eyebrows and you’re sure you won’t regret it even after their 15 minutes of fame are up – go for it! If not, no pressure. Skinny brows trending again doesn’t mean thicker eyebrows are out.

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