Are Lash Extensions While Pregnant Safe? Let’s Find Out

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 17, 2023
lash extensions while pregnant
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Pregnancy – for some women a blessing, while others don’t find it as enjoyable. Some of the old habits need to change and adjustments to be made.

One of them is the products we use and pregnant women are sometimes not sure whether it’s safe to dye their hair, to get acrylic nails or lash extensions while pregnant.

Let’s find an answer to the question can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant.

So, Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

Generally, yes, it’s safe to get lash extensions while pregnant. But they need to be applied properly, by a trained and experienced lash technician, to make sure you avoid complications.

Eyelash extensions are not glued to the skin but to the natural lashes and that’s why the risk is not high. The chemical shouldn’t come into contact with the skin at all.

Here’s more information about how lash extensions are done.

can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant
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Are There Any Risks?

So, if you have a lash tech you can trust, you can go for lash extensions while pregnant. However, be aware of the complications that are rare, but may occur.

They include:

1. Lash Glue Getting Inhaled or Absorbed Through the Skin

Lash glue is a strong adhesive that contains chemicals and it is not really safe to inhale it. Another potential risk is the glue getting absorbed through the skin (but it would have to be a really big amount of glue for this to become problematic).

Still, if the lash extensions are done properly, the adhesive should not touch your skin at all.

2. Risk of an Allergic Reaction

This is unlikely to happen if you already had eyelash extensions.

But if this is your first time or the lash tech has changed the lash glue, the risk of an allergic reaction is there and it can lead to further complications, which you definitely don’t want while pregnant.

3. Risk of Infection

This is very very rare, and possible only if your lash tech doesn’t work in sterile conditions or you don’t maintain your lash extensions properly. This means you need to wash them regularly.

4. Damage to Your Natural Lashes

Your natural lashes can become different due to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, hair usually becomes thicker, but it’s not the same for everyone.

Some pregnant women’s lashes can become thinner and unable to handle the weight of the extensions.

So if the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes, they can damage them.

Is Eyelash Glue Safe During Pregnancy?

As explained above, it’s not safe to inhale lash extension glue or have it come into contact with your skin.

Eyelash glue contains a substance called cyanoacrylate, but in such small amounts that it’s not dangerous for the mom and the fetus.

However, a pregnant woman should avoid inhaling the glue, because some lash glues are very strong and pregnant women can feel nauseous because of the strong odor.

That’s why it’s smart to talk to your lash tech and ask them if they can use some low-fume glue, just to be safe and make sure you inhale fewer fumes.

Also, a face mask will help you and make sure your lash tech’s room is well-ventilated so you don’t inhale too much of the fumes from the lash glue.

Is Eyelash Glue Safe During Pregnancy?
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Are There Any Alternative Options?

If you are very cautious during your pregnancy and don’t feel comfortable dying your hair, getting lash extensions, or getting exposed to anything that can even sound harmful to the fetus, you can try an alternative option.

False strip lashes are a completely safe option for pregnant ladies who want to complete their makeup look for a special event.

The glue used for false lashes is completely safe for pregnant women and the lashes need to be removed and washed thoroughly before going to bed.

Another option are magnetic lashes, especially those applied with the sandwiching technique, where no substances touch the skin at all.

Here’s all about magnetic lashes.

Things to Remember If You’re Considering Lash Extensions While Pregnant

Here are some useful tips for those who decide to get lash extensions while pregnant:

Avoid getting lash extensions in the first trimester.

The first trimester is a very sensitive and very important period, so we’d advise you to avoid any treatments and activities that you are not sure are safe for the fetus.

The second and third trimesters are much safer periods to get eyelash extensions.

Consult your doctor just to be safe.

You would feel much better if your doctor tells you that it is safe for you to get lash extensions while pregnant. Your doctor will know all about your health condition during pregnancy and give you a piece of proper advice.

Proper maintenance is important.

To avoid any risk of irritation, infection, lash mites, or damaging your natural lashes, make sure you maintain your eyelash extensions properly. That means you should brush and wash them every day.

If you don’t wash your eyelash extensions, the dust and dirt will build up and can cause eye infections or damage your natural lashes.

lash extensions aftercare

Don’t remove the lashes on your own.

If you feel it’s time to remove your eyelash extensions, it’s not really safe to do it on your own. Visit your eyelash technician for professional removal. That way, you will not damage your natural lashes.


So, yes, eyelash extensions are completely safe while pregnant, as long as they are done properly by an experienced artist. If you adore eyelash extensions and feel like you need them even while pregnant, just follow our tips above and you are safe!

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