Are #BreezyBrows The Hottest New Brows Trend?

BreezyBrows The Hottest New Brows Trend
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Brow artists are as busy as ever! They are constantly working on bettering the good old microblading technique, but when they get creative and start experimenting a bit, wonders can happen! And so we now have Breezy Brows, a promising new brow trend that is getting more and more popular, especially under #breezybrows on Instagram.

What are Breezy Brows?

In the past few seasons, messy eyebrows with long hairs combed upwards were on every runway and in every magazine editorial. This trend of seemingly effortless bushy brows was recreated by microblading artists over and over until they got it right.

Veronika Petrás from ‘La Majja’ brow salon calls herself the Breezy Master. She combined microblading with a bit of shading to create a brand new type of permanent brow styling procedure. What makes Breezy Brows special is the fact that the microblading strokes are significantly longer, so they appear fluffier and thicker, almost tangled. They are also very thin, so it takes a huge number of strokes to cover a small area. They go in multiple directions, which adds volume.

For even more emphasis, a powder brow like shadow is added. As a result, the brow arch is thick, without any sharp edges, and covers an area bigger than basic microblading or power brows does. The curve of the arch is very soft, which is very flattering to heart-shaped faces.

what are breezy browsImage source: Instagram @_denise_vannicola_master

What about the treatment?

A Breezy Brows treatment is basically a 2-for-1 deal. The artist does the microblading manually, stroke by stroke, then does the shading using a machine. The results last from 1 year up to 2, depending on skintype, aftercare and overall lifestyle.

Touch ups are always possible, but not necessary. In fact, 50% of clients don’t need an additional appointment after the healing period that is often necessary with powder brows.

How much are Breezy Brows?

The cost of Breezy Brows is $800, with touch ups priced at $200.

Who are Breezy Brows for?

Breezy Brows are meant to look easy; this is a your brows but better type of look. They look best with neutral tone makeup and are a great treatment for people who already have thick brows, but want something extra, although it is possible on sparse brows, too.

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