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By Emily M.| Last updated on September 29, 2023
anime lash extensions
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Over the past few years, long, voluminous eyelashes have become increasingly popular, and different styles have emerged. One of the biggest sources of new trends is definitely TikTok and this is where anime lash extensions were born.

Anime lash extensions are the perfect solution for achieving a doll-eyed, animated look that can elevate your daily makeup routine while eliminating the need for mascara and lash curlers.

Read this article to find out what are anime lash extensions, how they’re done, and whether they’d be a good option for you!

What Are Anime Lash Extensions?

Anime lash extensions or Manga lashes are characterized by spikey, individual lash strands that stand out amongst shorter, feathery lashes.

Also known as Webtoon lashes, this lash extension style emphasizes the lower lash line as well, with the result being an exaggerated doll-eye, similar to that of female anime and manga characters.

The trend itself originated on TikTok as a DIY procedure that uses individual false lashes, but has soon gained the attention of the permanent makeup industry and evolved into its own lash extensions style.

anime lash extensions
Image source: Instagram

How to Create Anime Lash Extensions

Anime lash extensions are generally applied to the top and bottom lash lines, but adjustments can be made to best suit the client’s eye shape. Let’s take a quick look at the anime lash extensions procedure:

Upper Lash Line Mapping

Upper lash line mapping for anime lash extensions can be divided into two layers – the bottom or base layer and the top or spike layer.

The top layer is created with extensions ranging from 11 to 13 mm CC curls in the inner corner up to the central part of the eye, and 14-16 mm D lashes toward the outer corner.

The bottom or base layer is then applied using CC base spikes ranging from 7 to 11 mm following the top layer. Make sure to keep your fans closed and the whole base layer light in order to achieve a contrasting look.

upper lashline mapping
Image source: Instagram @lashhoneyxo

Lower Lash Line Mapping

Lower lash line extensions are optional, although they play an important role in creating the anime eyes look. To complete your upper lash line look, apply 0.12 J extensions ranging from 6 to 9 mm, hybrid style.

DIY Anime Lashes – How to Recreate the Look at Home

To recreate this look at home, many TikTokers would either cut lash strips into small chunks or use individual lashes, and separate the hairs into clumps with clear lash glue.

Below you will find our top product recommendations for recreating the anime lash look at home, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply them.

Anime Lash Extensions Product Picks

When deciding to try out DIY anime lashes, you’ll be surprised to find many different options in terms of products. You can opt for strip lashes, individual lash clusters, and even magnetic lashes if you find it difficult to apply glue on lashes by yourself.

And since the possibilities are endless and it’s easy to get confused, we’ve collected our top picks in each anime lash category:

Best Individual Lash Clusters

Best Anime Strip Lashes

Best Magnetic Anime Lashes

Step-By-Step Instructions on Applying Anime Lashes

Now that you’ve decided on a lash look to try out at home, follow these simple steps to applying glue on anime lashes at home:

  • Before applying falsies, prep your lashes with an eyelash primer and add a coat of your favorite mascara to act as a base.
  • Choose a wispy false lash set that is longer than your natural lashes. If you decided to go with strip lashes instead of individuals, cut the strip into pieces of one knot each.
  • Apply clear lash glue onto the knot and set it onto your lash line, concentrating on the outer three-quarters of the eye.
  • Continue applying each cluster making sure that they are spaced evenly apart in order to create the dramatic, spikey effect.
  • When applying falsies to your bottom lashes, use singles instead of clusters, glue them to your lash line, and space them evenly.
  • Finish off the look by applying another coat of mascara.

Learn how to safely do eyelash extensions at home.

Who Are Anime Lash Extensions For?

Anime lash extensions have the power to make narrow eye shapes more round and open. They can make your eyes appear larger than they seem, especially if you get bottom lash extensions.

They are perfect for those who enjoy a more dramatic everyday look, who like to stay on trend, or who just love anime and manga culture.

Who Shouldn’t Get Anime Lash Extensions?

This kind of lash extension can be customized to fit various eye shapes, but generally speaking, it can make already big, round eye shapes appear alarmed, which probably isn’t the look you’re going for.

People with naturally close-set eyes should also avoid getting the look, as well as people who prefer more natural everyday makeup and attire.

How Long do Anime Lash Extensions Last?

Just like any other style of lash extensions, anime lash extensions can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for upper lash line extensions, and about 14 days for lower lash extensions.

Lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, which means that as soon as your natural lash growth cycle ends, your extensions begin to fall out. This however is not the case for lower lash extensions, which are shorter and more prone to fall out when washing your face.

However, you can prolong their effect by booking regular infills with your lash artist or technician, generally 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment.

Following the right aftercare routine is also highly recommended for getting the most out of your anime lash extensions.

how long do anime extensions last
Image source: Instagram @idealbeautee

Anime Lash Extensions Aftercare

Anime lash extension aftercare is a fairly simple process that is needed for preventing complications like lash breakage and premature falling off.

The most important thing to do is to prevent your lash extensions from getting wet the first 24 hours after the procedure, or until the lash adhesive used during the procedure completely dries.

After that period, you should wash your lashes regularly using an oil-free cleanser, micellar water, or a specialized lash shampoo. Giving your lash extensions a regular lash bath in the evening prevents oil buildup and bacteria growth, lowering the chances of eye infection and irritation.

Remember to brush your lashes regularly using a lash comb or a spoolie, in order to keep them nice and separated.

Find more information on lash extension aftercare here.

So, Should You Try Anime Lash Extensions?

If you’re a trendsetter who loves to stay on top of beauty trends, a manga cosplayer, or just in love with the girly and sultry effect of anime lashes, we highly recommend that you try out this look that has taken over the TikTok community like a storm!

If you like a more natural, subtle lash extension look, learn more here.

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