All About Male Eyeliner Tattoo: The Most Popular Styles

By Emily M.| Last updated on February 2, 2023
Male eyeliner tattoo - Guyliner
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Are you a man who appreciates the amazing makeup looks women achieve on their eyes? Or maybe you just know that your eyes are one of your good features so you want to highlight them like they deserve.

Good for you! Then you might be interested in guyliner, and perhaps even its more permanent version – the male eyeliner tattoo.

Let’s learn more about it, and get inspired by examples from talented artists.

What Is Guyliner?

Guyliner is a men’s makeup trend taking Instagram and other platforms by storm. Like the name suggests, it’s eyeliner specifically tailored for men. Guyliner is done to enhance the natural shape, color, and aesthetic appeal of a man’s eyes.

You can go for subtle guyliner that gives you a well-groomed, gentlemanly look, or choose a dramatic style that really pops. It’s up to you.

Most guyliner looks are done with regular eye makeup. That, of course, means they’re liable to smudge or run so you’d have to fix it during your day.

Likewise, you’d have to draw your eyeliner all over again every day. That can be a major hassle.

If you want the amazing look without the stress, consider getting a male eyeliner tattoo instead. It’s a cosmetic procedure that saves you tons of time with a permanent eyeliner look.

Just like with women’s permanent eyeliner, you can wear it as-is or build on it with regular makeup.

Is Permanent Eyeliner for Men a Thing?

Yes! Just like any other PMU treatment, permanent eyeliner is available to men and women alike. From a technical standpoint, the procedure is the same.

It’s a type of cosmetic tattoo. The artist uses an electric machine specifically designed for cosmetic tattooing to insert permanent makeup pigments into the skin of your eyelids.

After healing, the eyeliner stays in place for several years, and then begins to fade over time. If you want to keep it fresh, you’ll need to book occasional touch-up appointments.

The only notable differences between men’s and women’s permanent eyeliner procedures are the shapes and styles.

Men’s eyes can naturally be shaped a little differently than women’s so the artist will need to plan and follow a slightly different line. Likewise, men tend to prefer more subtle styles in their PMU. Although, if you love a dramatic and intense look, go for it!

is permanent eyeliner for man popular
Image source: Instagram @dpccliniccheadle

Where Can You Get a Men’s Eyeliner Tattoo?

You need to go to a cosmetic salon or PMU studio, and undergo a cosmetic tattoo procedure with a PMU artist. Shop around and talk to different artists before you settle on one. All PMU entails a consultation before the actual procedure, so take advantage of that.

Here are some things to bring up:

Look into their experience and reputation. Ask your friends for their recommendations and look at online reviews

Just like all craftsmen, different artists have different styles. Choose an artist who does the look you want to get really well.

How to Choose Which Style of an Eyeliner Tattoo for Men to Get

Once you’ve chosen your artist, it’s time to choose your guyliner look. Your artist will consider your eye color, hair color, skin color, and skin undertones to determine the perfect pigment for you.

For example, green eyes work wonderfully with guyliner in shades of brown. The naturally cool eye color benefits from the warm brown contrast and looks much livelier and more intense.

Warm brown or hazel eyes might do better with a pigment that has a cooler base.

Ask your artist what they would recommend for your specific case. They can mix and blend pigments for a custom shade.

There are also different styles for different eye shapes, so take the time to figure out your ideal look.

Lash Line Enhancement

Lash line enhancement is the most popular form of male eyeliner tattoo. It’s very subtle so you don’t even look like you’re wearing makeup – your lashes will just look fuller and darker.

It consists of a single thin line of pigment that blends in with your natural lashes. If you want, a short thin wing can be added to elongate the eye.

This is the perfect style of permanent eyeliner for men who want something versatile and discreet. It fits any eye shape, works for all ages, and is suitable for all occasions.

lash line enhancement for men
Image source: Instagram @cleobrows_australia

Classic Eyeliner

Classic eyeliner is a great choice of men’s eyeliner tattoo for those gentlemen who want something more impactful, but still not too dramatic.

The classic eyeliner style entails a solid, visible line that’s more noticeable than an eyelash enhancement.

The line starts in the inner corner of the eye, near the first lash. It goes along the eyelid and stops at the last lash in the outer corner.

Unlike many female permanent eyeliner styles, this one doesn’t feature a very prominent wing. It can even be done without a wing.

Bottom Lid Eyeliner

You can do a bottom lid tattoo on its own or add it to another style. This type of male eyeliner tattoo is typically thin and discreet. You can make it bolder at your touch-up appointment if you want.

The line in this style of eyeliner tattoo for men has very precise starting and ending points: it follows from the first to the last lash and no further. It’s especially important to avoid it touching the outer corner of the eye, where the upper and lower eyelids connect.

If the upper and lower line of your eyeliner tattoo come together, it closes the eye in and makes it look much smaller. That spot of skin is also prone to pigment migration, which means a blurry and unattractive final result.

bottom lid eyeliner for men
Image source: Instagram @emilysandstattoo

Before You Go for a Male Eyeliner Tattoo

Before you book an appointment for a male eyeliner tattoo, you should get informed about its pros and cons, long-term effects, and the costs you’re looking at. On average, an eyeliner tattoo costs between $400 and $600 in the US.

The price of a permanent eyeliner for men is affected by:

  • The style of your eyeliner tattoo,
  • Location and prestige of the salon,
  • Competition,
  • Artist’s experience, etc.

There are other factors to consider, too. You can always ask your artist how they form their prices during the consultation.

The potential risks and side effects of a male eyeliner tattoo are the same as those of a permanent eyeliner for women. In general, you can expect:

All of these side effects go away after a few days and are a natural part of the healing process.

If they last longer or seem severe, contact your artist. It might signal the onset of more serious problems, such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Infection
  • Keloid scarring
  • Granuloma formation

Check out PMUHub’s ultimate guide on permanent eyeliner for more in-depth information.

How to Care for an Eyeliner Tattoo

Permanent eyeliner for men is a form of tattoo, so it involves breaking the surface of the skin in order to implement the pigments. That means your eyelids will need some time to heal from the procedure.

Your artist will prescribe you an aftercare routine to follow during that time.

Some general rules are:

  • No eye makeup
  • No touching the tattooed area
  • Minimize sun exposure
  • No getting wet (swimming, sauna, etc.)
  • No exercise or otherwise sweating
  • No contact lenses
  • Sleep on your back

Your artist will give you more specific instructions. It’s important to commit to them to the letter. They’re tailored to your skin type and male eyeliner style, and they’re meant to ensure optimal recovery and maximum pigment retention.

You can also read our permanent eyeliner aftercare guide to learn more about the process.

To Conclude

Guyliner is a versatile makeup trend tailored specifically for men. If you want to achieve the eyeliner look without the hassle of drawing on your makeup every day, consider a male eyeliner tattoo.

Look for a certified, licensed PMU artist who can advise you on the best choice of style and color for your eyes.

Permanent eyeliner for men is technically the same procedure as women’s permanent eyeliner, so a lot of the same general information applies.

Your artist will answer all your questions before you start and prescribe you a custom aftercare routine when you’re done.

After healing and with occasional touch-ups, your eyeliner tattoo will last for years. You can keep it subtle or use it as a base for more dramatic looks by adding regular makeup.

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