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By Emily M.| Last updated on April 17, 2024
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If there’s one staple, go-to classic in the PMU industry it’s Perma Blend. There’s a general consensus among artists that Perma Blend pigments can be relied upon – true to color, great healed results, and a happy client every time.

That’s precisely why we chose Perma Blend pigments for our shop!

While everyone agrees Perma Blend is great, you might be wondering why exactly it’s so great.

So, allow us to give you a short introduction to Perma Blend pigments for different treatments, and hopefully convince you to try them – if you haven’t already!

A Short Introduction to Perma Blend Pigments

Perma Blend makes pigments for every PMU and micropigmentation procedure. While their star products are definitely brow pigments, their lip pigments are highly praised as well.

And pigments for eyeliner tattooing, SMP and areola tattooing definitely don’t fall short.

Here’s a bit about each pigment range.

Perma Blend Pigments for Eyebrows

What’s special about all Perma Blend brow pigments, regardless of collection, is that they’re equally suitable for both microblading and machine work. This means a lot for artists who do both.

The Perma Blend pigment formula is more liquid than some other brands, which is great for machine work, but may surprise some microblading artists. The trick is to use just a little bit, which is, again, great, as the bottle will last you a long time.

The formula is also perfect for pigment masks – this is how you will achieve perfect saturation and coverage every time.

So, yes, the formula has been optimized and perfected, and that’s a huge part of the reason why artists love Perma Blend brow pigments. But the color palette is equally important! And their brow palette is truly stunning.

Over the years, they’ve grown their brow collection so much there’s a perfect color available for every client – from the lightest blondes, to the darkest deep browns that look black but don’t heal ashy.

So much color versatility allowed Perma Blend to team up with leading artists, from Tina Davies to Brow Daddy, who developed their own collections, with carefully curated color selections.

Some of the favorite shades are Forest Brown and Brunette, as they’re super versatile.

The best-selling shades have been hand-picked for the Signature Brow Set, which is the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner, as it will cover the majority of your clients.

Perma Blend Pigments for Eyeliner Tattoos

The range of inks for eyeliner tattoos includes iron oxide-based pigments, carbon-based pigments, and combinations. This means there are colors suitable for beginners, and for more experienced artists.

In general, iron oxides are more suitable for use by beginners, as their molecules are larger and there’s less chance of making a mistake and pigment migrations.

Carbon-based pigments have much smaller molecules, and there’s more chance of migration if the application isn’t absolutely perfect.

In our shop, we carry the entire collection of black Perma Blend pigments for eyeliner tattoos.

Let’s take a look at their formulas:

Perma Blend Pigments for Lips

Perma Blend has made some of the most popular and most beloved lip blush pigments on the market. Their Tres Pink and Bazooka are some of the most famous shades.

The range of colors for lips is very wide, from deep sultry reds, vibrant pinks, and the most natural nudes.

Apart from the standard Perma Blend selection, it’s definitely worth mentioning the range they make in collaboration with artist Lulu Siciliano – Evenflo. The Evenflo lip range features some of the best pigments for dark lip neutralization.

As a large portion of lip blush treatments entails neutralizing cool-toned lips first, it’s really important artists have high-quality formulas designed specifically for that.

Introducing – Evenflo’s Neutralizer, Colorizer, and illume! These shades are definitely a useful addition to your lip pigment kit, as they’ll allow you to prep every client for the shade they want.

Perma Blend Pigments for Scalp Micropigmentation

With scalp micropigmentation, there’s no need for a wide range of colors, since ashy tones are used regardless of the client’s natural hair color. But the formula here is crucial.

Scalp pigments need to be matched with the client’s skin tone and undertone, so it’s important they show diversity in terms of their own undertone.

That’s why Perma Blend offers SMP pigment with both cool and warm undertones, and modifiers that allow you to further customize the shade.

Perma Blend Pigments for Areola Tattoos

Finally, Perma Blend also has a line of pigments for paramedical tattooing in general, and their areola tattoo range is quite rich.

From lightest to darkest shades, the range also features modifiers that allow artists to create custom shades, which is particularly important in the case of unilateral nipple and areola tattoos. So there’s a lot of room for color matching here.

Perma Blend Correctors & Toners

Perma Blend pigments are customizable – they can be mixed and further modified to suit every client’s skin tone and undertone. So, whichever treatment you’re doing with Perma Blend inks, know that you can modify it further with toners.

Toners are used together with target pigments, to make them just a tiny bit warmer or cooler. They don’t contain Titanium Dioxide, so they are sheer and aren’t supposed to be used on their own, as they don’t give much coverage.

The range of Perma Blend correctors was designed for color corrections of work that faded into an undesirable tone – pinkish, reddish, bluish, greenish. They’re not suitable for modifying the target pigment, as the Titanium Dioxide will lighten it.

They’re a lot more concentrated and give more coverage, as they do contain Titanium Dioxide. They’re supposed to be used as the first step in neutralization, with the target color applied afterwards.

Perma Blend carries a set of toners and a set of correctors meant specifically for these uses, but certain pigments that are not strictly categorized as toners or correctors can also be used for modification.

Why Choose Perma Blend?

Years of research and development have resulted in quality no one can dispute. Made in the USA, specifically for PMU, the Perma Blend formulas have constantly been improved and perfected over the years, listening to artists and taking their needs into account.

“It’s so important for artists to know that Perma Blend was created for artists, by artists, from a need for high-quality pigments at a reasonable price,” highlights Brand Director Anne Marie Rubino.

“We’ve worked with top specialists in formulation and chemistry, to bring science and art together. And we consult a range of artists at every stage of development too.”

Perma Blend was created in cooperation with artists just like you, so chances are, they’re the solution to all those problems you might have had with other brands.

Try them and see for yourself – order the Perma Blend pigments of your choice right here, in PMUHub’s Shop.

By shopping in PMUHub Shop, you’re supporting our effort to keep pushing out useful content that will inform, educate, and spread knowledge about the PMU industry. And you’re making us really really happy!



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