Here’s Why Adding Colored Lash Extensions to Your Business Is a Great Idea

By Katarina V.| Last updated on April 8, 2022
Here's Why You Should Offer Colored Lash Extensions
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Being a lash extension technician has proven to be one of the most profitable careers at the moment. People love lashes! Once you make a steady clientele, you will be booked all the time.

But if you are one of those creative people who always improve and like new things, introducing colored lash extensions to your service menu can be a really great idea.

Why Is Being an Eyelash Extension Technician Great?

For those who are still thinking about this career, here are some advantages of being an eyelash extension technician. The first reason is that this treatment is not really hard to learn and you only need to complete a course to get certified. Also, this is a completely non-invasive treatment, so it’s easy to find models to practice on and build your portfolio.

Yes, permanent makeup is much more profitable since the treatments cost more, but it’s not that easy to get clients at the beginning of the career. Permanent makeup is basically tattooing and people usually hesitate to get something that will be on their faces for years.

When it comes to eyelash extensions, people are more willing to get them, because they are a great enhancement that doesn’t stay for too long.

Eyelash extensions last for up to 8 weeks, but the lash fills are required sooner – 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment. So once you get clients and they like what you do, you can expect they will return once a month for the lash fill. So, getting steady clientele is not hard once you become great at what you do.

Advantages of being an eyelash extension technicianImage source: Instagram @swatchby_mari

Why Should You Offer Colored Lash Extensions in Your Salon?

Colored lash extensions are something that has been popular for years. They are loved by people who want to try something different, those who like makeup and a notice-me look, and those who like parties.

Colored lash extensions are a perfect way to get more clients, and introduce something new that can’t be found in every salon. Once a person gets colored lash extensions at your place, they will keep coming for regular eyelash extensions or other services.

This market is really competitive and there are a lot of eyelash technicians nowadays, so this can be a great way to stand out and establish brand awareness.

Why Should You Offer Colored Lash Extensions in Your Salon?Image source: Instagram @roxanamobini_master

Who You Can Offer Colored Lash Extensions To:

  • Trendsetters

Young people who like experimenting with makeup will love this look. It can’t be achieved with mascara only – colored lash extensions will be much more effective. Those who find their inspiration in the popular TV show Euphoria will love as many different colors as possible on their face.

  • Clients who want to bring out their natural eye color

Adding colors to lashes can emphasize the color of a person’s eyes. For example, orange tones will compliment blue eyes, while pinkish and purple tones are great for any eye color, especially for green eyes.

  • Costume matching

If a person has a special occasion that includes wearing a costume, adding colored lash extensions can be very interesting.

In Which Ways Can You Apply Colored Lash Extensions?

You can really show your creativity with colored lash extensions. Here are some interesting styles:

Full Set

There’s a full set, of course. It’s done the same way as regular lash eyelash extensions – each colored lash extension is attached to one natural lash. This look is pretty dramatic. The most popular colors for the full set are blue, purple and pink.

Colored Lash Extensions - Full SetImage source: Instagram @piblashes

Wispy Lashes

Another very popular style is wispy lashes, but with colored lash extensions. It’s usually done with colored lashes being shorter and the longer ones being in the regular black color. Or it can be done vice versa. You can apply spikes in color and the rest can be black. Or it can be in two different colors – a basic set in, let’s say, green and the spikes in red. Perfect for the bold ones!

Colored Lash Extensions - Wispy LashesImage source: Instagram @thecosmicbeautystudio

Ombre Lashes

The ombre style is very popular for hair, nails, permanent eyebrows, and for eyelash extensions. The ombre set of colored lash extensions contains extensions that have darker roots and lighter tips. It can come in any color, and people just love the ombre style.

Colored Lash Extensions - Ombre LashesImage source: Instagram @anoushkabeautystudio

A Pop Of Color

Last but not least – a pop of color lashes, a cat-eye style in black lash extensions with just a few colored lashes in the outer corner. This style is much more sophisticated yet playful and creative, perfect for those who haven’t had colored lash extensions before. It’s not as dramatic as the full set but it’s still something that won’t go unnoticed. Lash technicians usually add 10-15 lashes in the outer corner.

Colored Lash Extensions - A pop of colorImage source: Instagram @lashvieweyelash

What Else Should I Know About Colored Eyelash Extensions?

Here are some tips you should follow if you are considering including colored lash extensions in your service menu:

  • Use clear glue, because the black one will not go well, especially with pink, yellow, or any bright color lashes.
  • Make sure the colored lash extensions are not too heavy for a client’s eye, so study the client’s natural lashes carefully.
  • Pay attention to the length you are using and follow the mapping.

To Sum Up

Offering colored lash extensions will help you upsell your services, it will show your expertise, and will make your Instagram page more interesting and creative. This service can really help your business stand out, especially if you are the first one in your area.

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