‘90s Eyebrows: The Comeback of the Iconic Beauty Trend

By Deana D.| Last updated on December 20, 2023
90s eyebrows
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From graphic eyeliners and lipsticks to low-rise bottoms, nostalgic ‘90s trends have made their glorious return. In the last few years, big, natural eyebrows have been in the spotlight, but many makeup artists and celebrities started bringing thinner brows back.

Just like your favorite hip-hop mixtape, thin eyebrows have left a significant mark on the beauty scene. Whether you love it or hate it, 90s eyebrows are back in full force, and they’re here to stay.

So, let’s take a deep dive into this recurring trend!

The Era of Super Skinny Brows

In the early 90s, there were many significant beauty trends, and one of the most distinctive ones was the preference for super-skinny eyebrows. This was not just a makeup trend, it was a cultural statement that reflected the desire for a minimalistic and chic aesthetic.

Your favorite magazines and TV shows have all played an important role in popularizing this unforgettable trend, as well as icons like Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani’s pencil-thin eyebrows became her signature sign; they were a cherry on top of her edgy, dark look. Her look inspired, and continues to inspire many artists to recreate these brows on their clients today.

On the other hand, Kate Moss revolutionized the high-fashion world with her naturally thin eyebrows. The supermodel’s super skinny brows captured the essence of minimalism and her unique approach to beauty.

Their iconic red carpet looks solidified their influence and showed how thin brows shaped the pop-culture world.

kate moss skinny eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @katemossagency

Why Are 90s Eyebrows Controversial?

If you got triggered when you saw the ‘90s eyebrows trend becoming popular again, you’re not alone.

Many people used to overpluck their brows back in the day, damaging their follicles, sometimes for good. That usually resulted in hair never regrowing again, and leaving them to resort to pencils for the rest of their lives.

So, overplucking usually ends in sparse and thinning eyebrows, changes in hair growth patterns, and loss of confidence. Thankfully, 90s brows today don’t come with those dreadful side effects, as we’ve learned the lesson from the past.

doja cat 90s eyebrowsImage source: Instagram @dojacat

Modern Takes on 90’s Eyebrows

Although the trend came back quickly and powerfully, it came back with a few twists. There’s no need to overpluck or shave off your brows completely.

Celebrities and makeup artists have been doing skinny eyebrows with certain changes and we are loving them. Let’s take a look at the popular ways to rock 90s skinny brows.

The Refined Thin Arch

Refined, thin arches were common in the ‘90s. You can recreate the look by imitating the defined, sharp arch but still keep your natural brow shape. The emphasis should be on clean lines.

The perfect example of this look is Kendall Jenner. Her brows often look clean and precisely shaped, contributing to a chic and modern look associated with the thin arch trend.

kendall jenner thin browsImage source: Instagram @kendalljenner

Ombre Effect

The gradient effect that ombre brows have can add a modern twist to the 90s brow trend. You can make your eyebrows lighter in the front and fill them more towards the tail. This makes them look multi-dimensional and sleek!

Kylie Jenner is known to rock her naturally thinner brows while filling them in this typical ombre fashion. It creates a flirty, cat-like look that suits her round features perfectly.

kylie jenner 90s eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @kyliejenner

Bold & Brave

Modern interpretations often feature bold, angular brows that pay homage to the 90s while incorporating a contemporary edge. The focus is on bold shapes and impactful angles.

Bella Hadid is best known for her thin but bold brows that just scream the ‘90s. Known for her distinctive and bold look, Bella often embraces the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of thin eyebrows that characterized this iconic era.

bella hadid 90s brows
Image source: Instagram @vogueitalia

Soft & Feathery

If sharp lines from the past don’t amuse you, but you still want to participate in the 90’s brow trend, then the feathery, soft look is for you. This approach maintains the thin aesthetic but with a smoother, more organic appearance.

Take a look at this picture of Emily Ratajkowski. She doesn’t fill them in as much and you can see all the individual hairs that look very feathery and textured.

emily ratajkowski 90s eyebrows
Image source: Instagram @emrata

How To Recreate 90s Eyebrows Without Damage

Creating the illusion of 90s brows without damaging your hair follicles can be achieved easily with some simple tricks.

To recreate 90’s thin eyebrows without tweezing, you will need a brow pencil, a spoolie, concealer, hair gel, and a loose powder.

Brush the hairs upwards and apply a bigger amount of hair gel. Next, brush them in the desired direction to make them appear thinner. Powder them so they stay in place and then fill them in so they become fuller.

To finish, you can use a concealer to carve out the shape and make it even thinner and sharper, which is the typical 90’s eyebrow trend.

@cutcreaser thin brows WITHOUT shaving or tweezing! — thanks to @snoopdiamond and the drag brow cover technique 🫶 #thinbrows #fypシ #eyebrowfilter #xybzca ♬ original sound - ice spice

Using regular school glue will do the trick if you want a more dramatic, Pam Anderson-inspired look.

Simply glide your glue stick over the brows and then block them out with high-coverage concealer or foundation. Then, take a pigmented eyebrow pencil and draw them on! This technique is a bit harder to master but it’s great for Halloween or themed parties!

@hdbrowsofficial What do you think… is the 90s brow trend making a comeback?! 👀😅. @daniellemarcan ♬ original sound - HD Brows®

What To Do If You Overplucked Your Brows

If you have already done the unthinkable or went full-on Doja Cat and shaved your brows completely – don’t worry, it’s solvable.

The best thing to do is wait a few weeks for them to come back. Brow hair grows in cycles so it might take some time for them to start growing. You can support your immune system with vitamins and supplements for eyebrow growth in the meantime.

Many natural oils like castor oil and coconut oil have shown great results as well.

If nothing seems to help, microblading is also a great option for those looking to fill in sparse and thinning areas. Learn all about this popular treatment from our comprehensive guide here.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the evolution of the eyebrow trend from the 90s and comparing it to the present ones reveals a glamorous journey of beauty and self-expression.

The ultra-skinny brow trend, once controversial, has not only stood the test of time but continues to influence and inspire makeup artists and celebrities.

If you haven’t changed your brow routine for some time, maybe this is your sign to do it!

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