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By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 22, 2023
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Attention microblading artists! Have you tried PhiBrows products yet? If not, you are seriously missing out on top-quality microblading supplies.

That’s why PMUHub selected the top 5 Phi Academy products for microblading that have been used & loved by so many artists worldwide for years.

From next-level microblades to game-changing pigments, these PhiBrows products will help you achieve stunning results with greater efficiency and ease! You have to try it.

Top 5 Phi Academy Products You Need in Your Salon

Whether you’re a professional PMU artist or just curious about leading industry brands, here are the best 5 PhiBrows products to try out:

PhiBrows Disposable Microblading Tool 18U Ecc 0.18

Artists absolutely love the PhiBrows Microblading Tool with the U18 0.18 blade, and it’s easy to see why it’s a champion among microblading professionals.

This PhiBrows tool houses the popular 18U blade that enables you to create effortless curved strokes of varying lengths in any part of the brows.

U blades, in general, are much easier to curve, and the rotation motion is more natural. If you are a beginner microblading artist, you might need to put some effort into learning how to use it correctly, but it’s most certainly worth it.

A 0.18-diameter blade gives the ideal balance between producing thin, precise strokes and ensuring optimal pigment implementation. It provides the perfect thickness for realistic hair strokes – not too thick but just enough thickness to give noticeable strokes.

In other words, they allow more precision, give more delicate strokes, and provide that nanoblading effect.

work with phibrows bladesWork by Art of Microblading with the U18 Ecc 0.18 blade

These thinner strokes are less likely to blur over time. Also, they cause less trauma to the skin. Learn more about the differences between microblades in our comprehensive guide here.

The blade itself is made from 304 medical-grade stainless steel, which is resilient and hypoallergenic. And to top it all off, the PhiBrows Microblading Tool features a lint-free microbrush applicator for rubbing the pigment into the strokes.

The PhiBrows Disposable Microblading Tool is a game-changer, streamlining the process for artists seeking efficiency and excellence in their art.

PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigment Collection

The PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigment Collection has revolutionized the world of microblading with its advanced formula – creamy, clean, red-fading-proof.

This collection features 5 pre-mixed shades tailored to allow easy color matching.

Microblading Eyebrows: The Ultimate Guide (microblading before and after)Work by Art of Microblading with the SUPER collection

What sets the SUPER formula apart is its bioinert nature, which means that the body doesn’t recognize them as a foreign substance.

The color molecules are coated to make sure the body doesn’t come into contact with the pigments directly, which prevents any negative reactions.

The PhiBrows SUPER pigments are uniquely suitable for oily skin types, as the formula’s stability eliminates discoloration, fading, and pigment migration concerns.

SUPER pigments provide a clean, non-magnetized formula with exceptional stability in terms of color fading, but also consistency. You can say goodbye to concerns about separation or oily film!

The yellow pigment in the SUPER formula is processed in a unique way to make it just as stable as red and black, which significantly diminishes the chance of unattractive fading down the line.

UV protection is another unique feature, further safeguarding against color distortion.

Manufactured in Germany, this pigment line consists of 100% safe ingredients, processed in accordance with high safety standards.

The PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigment Collection stands out for its stability and commitment to quality and safety, just what you need for remarkable and lasting results!

PhiWipes Block Tonic Wipes for Bleeding and Scabbing Control

Looking for a product that can easily stop the bleeding during a microblading session? You found it! The Block Tonic Wipes from Phi are your solution for minimizing bleeding during microblading and PMU procedures.

This efficient and innovative formula is designed to slow down bleeding, reduce the accumulation of lymph, and ultimately lead to less scabbing.

This formula will not only help you do your treatment efficiently but will also help with a smoother and improved microblading healing process.

The beauty of Block Tonic lies in its versatility, serving as a 2-in-1 product. It allows for the easy removal of excess pigment during and after the treatment while playing a crucial role in controlling bleeding, ensuring the best possible pigment retention.

Experience the convenience of fast and easy use with PhiWipes Block Tonic Wipes!

PhiWipes Aftercare Wipes for Microblading

Exceptional results go beyond just the procedure. That means that the aftercare routine you prescribe needs to be strong, so why not opt for multifunctional products like the Phi Aftercare Wipes?

You know how the skin behaves during the first hours and days of healing: oozing, scabbing, flaking, and peeling. All of this can negatively affect pigment retention and mess up your work. In the worst case, it can cause infections.

With these multipurpose aftercare wipes for microblading treatments, you’re providing your clients with the easiest way to clean their freshly-done brows.

PhiWipes takes the guesswork out of aftercare, ensuring the best possible results and making every step toward optimal healing a breeze.

But PhiWipes serve multiple functions; you can use them to clean off excess pigment during the treatments without the additional hassle of diluting soap and making a clutter with cotton rounds.

PhiBrows Stroke Marker

The PhiBrows Stroke Marker is a unique and innovative formula that will greatly improve your work. This PhiBrows product enhances the visibility of microblading strokes between passes.

Often, during the first pass, the strokes may not be visible due to insufficient pigment or a light color tone. That’s when you need the PhiBrows Stroke Marker!

When applied after the initial pass, it brings to light any strokes that may not have absorbed pigment properly, aiding in precise planning and execution of the next stroke.

Even though it works magic, remember that the Stroke Marker isn’t a pigment that stays in the skin. Because it suits all skin types and hair colors, the Stroke Marker is a must-have product for microblading artists who aim for perfection.

Step Up Your Brow Game With PhiBrows Products

Whether you’re an experienced microblading artist or just stepping into the world of permanent beauty, these five products from PhiAcademy will be your best friend.

From the precision and efficiency of the PhiBrows Disposable Microblading Tool to the long-lasting results of the PhiBrows SUPER Microblading Pigment Collection and the Phibrows Stroke Markers as your secret weapon, this selection empowers you to achieve stunning, natural-looking brows with confidence.

But as mentioned above, the journey to perfect brows doesn’t end with the procedure itself – the PhiWipes Block Tonic Wipes and PhiWipes Aftercare Wipes ensure optimal healing and pigment retention for truly amazing results.

So, embrace the PhiBrows difference and take your skills to the next level!

Which Phi Academy Products caught your attention?

Explore the full range of PhiBrows products today and start creating masterpieces!



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