Permanent Makeup Artist: 4 Major Reasons Why You Should Become One

By Katarina V.| Last updated on September 20, 2022
reasons to become a permanent makeup artist
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Have you been wondering what permanent makeup artists really do? Are they called artists for no obvious reason?

Permanent makeup is getting more and more popular worldwide. It is particularly advantageous to people who have trouble applying makeup for different reasons including the ones related to health conditions like tremors, movement restriction due to certain illnesses like arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Some people also have allergic reactions to makeup, while the others would just like to save some time in the mornings preparing for work and other daily obligations or save money buying an endless stream of makeup products.

It is an art form which requires permanent makeup artists to practice every day in order to perfect their skills. It is about setting realistic goals and making a commitment in order to experience professional growth and master this art.

Would you like to see what some of the benefits of becoming a permanent makeup artist are? Let’s cover a few essential ones.

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist and Help Transform a Person’s Life

Offer a lady an opportunity to get beautiful eyebrows making her more attractive, add color to somebody’s lips making them seem fuller, lift somebody’s eyes by applying permanent eyeliner. Take a new path and offer areola tattooing to a breast cancer patient after they had a mastectomy. Can you just imagine how that person might feel afterwards? Permanent makeup artists have a unique ability to bring a smile to these courageous ladies’ faces. Scars on a person’s face or body could now easily be hidden using permanent makeup.

Make people feel special and more attractive by helping them restore their confidence and enhance their lives. Not only have permanent makeup artists transformed the beauty industry itself, but they keep transforming people’s lives making them more enjoyable.

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist and Make a Lucrative Career

Let’s not forget that one of the biggest perks in this beauty niche is the financial gain and freedom this profession has to offer. Permanent makeup artists can set their own fees and decide how much money they want to make per week/month/year. The average cost per procedure goes from $300 to $800, and advanced work may be charged at $150 to $300 per hour, according to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

An artist of this kind could work independently or for a beauty salon, a medical practice, a wellness center or a spa. According to the SPCP survey from 2015, the vast majority of permanent makeup artists are self-employed (83%). This means they can dictate their own work hours, number of clients and procedures, thus being in charge of their own business and life.

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist and Improve Your Education and Skills

Beside other requirements for starting this profession, one needs agile fingers and hands to do this line of work. Through constant practice permanent makeup artists’ movements become more precise, steadier, quicker and cleaner. At the same time, you become more secure and faster while applying permanent makeup to your clients, which in turn could lead to an increase in the number of satisfied customers and your income.

Not only will you improve your skills, but you will be in a position to gain more knowledge and education by attending courses and trainings offered by renowned permanent makeup academies. This art form will urge you to keep track of the latest trends, methods, techniques and tools, thus constantly improving yourself and your business. In other words, permanent makeup artists never get bored of their profession!

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist and Become Business Savvy

Let’s not forget that these artists are in a good position to acquire or further advance their customer service skills since these professionals need to establish a trusting relationship with their customers, which in turn will ensure loyal, repeat clients and their referrals. This profession also enhances marketing and sales skills due to the fact a business must be promoted, either via social media or some other means.

It has been recorder that most permanent makeup artists opt for social media advertising. And just think about this for a while, please. This way you can set up your own page, be the administrator, i.e. be in charge of what content and photos are published and shared, who your followers are and at the same time, it will not incur additional costs.

So, what do you think of this prospective career now?

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