14 Must Have Items in Your Microblading Kit

microblading kit
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As you probably already know, you can’t do a successful microblading treatment without top-quality tools and equipment! But with so many options on the market, investing in essentials can get overwhelming.

To help you, here’s a list of must-have items you need in your microblading kit,  along with PMUHub’s top picks:

Numbing Cream

A fast and strong acting microbalding numbing cream is the next must-have in your microbalding kit. You need a good formula that comes from a reputable, trustworthy manufacturer.

The anesthetic will decrease the unpleasant sensation during the pigment application, making the whole experience comfortable for the client. It will stop them from squirming and wincing, so your job will be easier.

Here’s more information on numbing.

Cling Film

Not essential, but a great help. Used in combination with the numbing cream, cling film is placed over the brow area covered with the cream.

Its purpose is to increase the absorption of the numbing cream and reduce the amount of time needed for the cream to kick in.

Microblading Blades

Microblading blades are extensions of your hand, so you need to choose well. This is not a product you should try and save money on.

Instead, your primary factor when deciding on which blades to buy is how they suit you and how well you can do the strokes with them. Finding your perfect match can take some trial and error, though.

The blades come in different configurations, but the go-to for most artists is the U blade. In terms of thickness, more and more artists are using nano blades (0.15 – 0.18), which give the thinnest strokes possible.

Microblading Pigment

Another crucial factor in the microblading process is the right choice of pigment. Make sure you supply yourself with multiple color sets that match different skin tones.

This is something that will either make or break the final look, so choose wisely and invest in high quality pigment which will prolong the longevity of your client’s brows.

Pigment Mixer Machine

Sometimes, you need to mix and modify pigments to get the perfect shade for your client.

A pigment mixer will help you with this. It will ensure you get a nicely blended, homogenous pigment mix every time quickly, easily and without mess. It’s perhaps the most overlooked item in a microblading kit!

Pigment Cups

Pigment cups are another must in your microblading kit, and cup rings are the handiest version of these. The plastic ring goes on your finger and is filled with the pigment. It means you don’t have to move around much to dip your blade in pigment.

This will help you speed up the process, so make sure you stock up on  these. 

Measuring Calipers and Other Tools

Mapping is a very important part of the microblading process. You need a tool that will help you create an ideal brow shape.

There are different tools you can use for mapping. Some are more complicated than others. Calipers are a great choice for beginner artists, but compasses will simply your mapping the most – once you master using them.

Outlining Pencil or Marker

Used along with the measuring tool, you need a marking pen or pencil to draw the shape of the brows prior the treatment. An absolute must because it gives the idea to both you and your client about the shape of their future brows.

When choosing your pen, be careful and pick the one that is precise, long lasting and doesn’t smudge.

Some artists prefer pencils, other go for markers. Try both and see which works better for you.

Something for Brow Grooming

Since microblading implies creating a new shape for your client’s brows, you sometimes need to remove a stray hair here and their to ensure the perfectly sculpted arch.

Threading thread is arguably the best product for this, as it does the least damage to the skin and doesn’t cause irritation.

Learn why brows artists love threading.

Face Masks

An absolute must have in your microblading kit and something you must never perform the treatment without.

Hygienic face masks are a necessity when working so close to another person. They keep you from breathing on your client while working reducing the chance of a potential infection.


Similarly to face masks, gloves are a requirement in this business and you always have to have multiple pairs in your microblading kit.

Since you are working with tools which can cause bleeding, you must always wear gloves for both yours and your client’s sake. Opt for latex free ones because you never know if your client has a latex allergy.


You need these for cleaning makeup off your client’s forehead before the procedure. They should be followed up with alcohol, though, for disinfection. Make sure you always have a sufficient number in stock, because you are going to need them.

Alcohol Pads

Used to clean the skin before the blading process, to kill as many bacteria as possible and reduce the risk of infection. Never skip this step to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Disposable Covering for Your Workspace

Any space that will be in close proximity to your client’s brows or your tools during the treatment needs to be covered with disposable covering. This a hygiene standard you must comply with to keep your client safe and healthy. 

Dental bibs are really popular for this. Get a jumbo pack and you’ll be set for a while.

Is Your Microblading Kit Bursting by Now?

These top 14 items you need in your microblading kit are just the beginning, the deserted-island essentials. There are so many other microblading tools and supplies available! 

Explore the market, try different brands and products, and with time, you’ll assemble the microblading kit that works best for you.

Check out PMUHub’s shop and start there!

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