14 Must Have Items in Your Microblading Kit

14 Must Have Items in Your Microblading Kit by pmuhub.com

As you probably already know, the key to success in this business is simple – practice as hard as you can to be become excellent at microblading. In order to do this, you will need some essential items to help you on your journey. Here are some top picks for your microblading kit:

Microblading blades

There is no microblading without the blades so this is definitely a piece of equipment you should invest in. The blades not only make the micro-incisions in the surface layer of the skin, but also insert the pigment into them, so invest in the best blades you can find. They are the extension of your hand and your main tool, so choose well.
microblading blades - a must have in your microblading kit

Measuring calipers – the star of your microblading kit

This useful tool is used for precise eyebrow measurement. With it, you will be able to find the perfect symmetry between the eyebrows and create an ideal brow shape.
measuring calipers for microblading

Microblading pigment

Another crucial ingredient in the microblading process is the pigment. Make sure you supply yourself with multiple color sets that match different skin tones. This is something that will either make or break the final look, so choose wisely and invest in high quality pigment which will prolong the longevity of your client’s brows.
microblading pigments in different shades

Universal holder

The purpose of the universal holder is to hold the micro-blades, and, as the name implies, it can fit any blade, and therefore is a must in your microblading kit. It’s the main tool with which you create micro cuts on the surface of the skin so, choose the top-notch one with a long lifespan. Also, consider the material – it should be suitable for sterilization and lightweight so that you can use it with ease.
universal holders for microblading

Marking pen

Marking pen or pencil is used for drawing a shape of the brows prior the treatment. An absolute must because it gives the idea to both you and your client about the shape of their future brows. When choosing your pen, be careful and pick the one that is precise, long lasting and doesn’t smudge.
marking pen for microblading

Pigment mixer machine

To make your life easier, acquire this handy tool which will enable you to mix your pigments with ease. Although there are many colors to choose from, there will be various situations in which you will have to mix your pigments in order to achieve that perfect color. This machine is there to help you with that by mixing it quickly and perfectly.
pigment mixer machine - a must-have in any microblading kit

Pigment rings

Pigment rings are another must in your microblading kit. The plastic ring goes on your finger and is filled with the pigment. This will help you speed up the process, so make sure you buy plenty of these. 
pigment rings for microblading

Numbing cream

If you want your client to feel comfortable during the treatment, numbing cream should be a crucial element in your microblading process. These creams are lidocaine based, so there is no need to worry since this medication is used to numb the tissue in a specific area and is perfectly safe. The anesthetic will decrease the unpleasant sensation during the pigment application, providing your client only with tingling sensation.
numbing cream used in microblading

Barrier film

Not essential but a great help. Used in combination with the numbing cream, the barrier film is placed over the brow area covered with the cream. Its purpose is to increase the absorption of the numbing cream and reduce the amount of time needed for the cream to kick in.

Face masks

An absolute staple, face masks are a necessity when working so close to another person. Not only will they keep you from breathing on your client while working but they may also reduce a chance of a potential infection.


Similarly to face masks, gloves are a requirement in this business. Since you are working with tools which can cause bleeding, you should make sure you always wear gloves for both yours and your client’s sake. Also, opt for latex free ones because you never know if your client has a latex allergy.

Disinfecting wipes

Preferably alcohol free to avoid irritation, these wipes can be used on your client’s face to wipe off the brow pencil as well as their make-up or to help keep your work place clean. Have them in copious amounts, because you are going to need them.

Alcohol pads

Used to clean the skin before the blading process, pads are there to kill as many bacteria as possible and reduce the risk of infection. Never skip this step to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Scissors & tweezers

You are working with brows so these tiny tools must always be in your microblading kit. You will find them useful while preparing eyebrows for the treatment as well as after the microblading if you need to groom of clean off the eyebrows to achieve the best look.

Is your microblading kit bursting by now?

It was a tough choice, but these were our top choices out of plethora of useful tools which are there to help you build your business and make you a real professional. From the essentials to some helpful tools, we picked the ones that can really help you and enable you to achieve superior results. Good luck!

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