10 Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Started PMU Business

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It is definitely true that a career in permanent makeup is among the most profitable ones at the moment. However, it is not easy money. People who are already in the business wish they had known these things before.

So, we give you 10 facts to take into consideration before starting a PMU business.

1. It is not easy

Various courses advertise permanent makeup techniques, especially microblading, as easy to learn. That is just partly true. It might be easy to learn, but not so much to become a professional. Becoming a great PMU artist requires a lot of time invested in practicing, additional learning and education. Nobody is ready immediately after the training.

Also, it takes time to build a clientele and it can be frustrating. Most people do PMU part-time until they grow their business while the other job is their main source of income. Include deals and try hard to promote your PMU business. And be patient – some people need more than a year to build clientele.

2. Don’t start if you are not ready to commit

They didn’t lie to you – yes, you can earn 6 figures income and be booked for months in advance, but it will take you months, even years to become successful. And not without hard work. The most common advice for a successful PMU career is: work hard and practice whenever you can. Day and night. It will pay off only if you really set your mind to it.

3. Invest in good training

Choosing a good training is the most important. Don’t rush, do thorough research and read recommendations online. Check out the instructor’s background, whether they are certified, have a lot of experience and satisfied students. Don’t be cheap – invest in a quality course.

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Don’t start on skin until you are 100% ready

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4. Don’t start on skin until you are 100% ready

Practice until it is perfect. It is people’s faces and one disastrous work can cost you a lot. That is why you need to start slow. Practice on fake skin as long as you need. Then take one customer per day, and dedicate your time to make a great set of brows.

5. You will have to deal with different kind of people

Working with people is hard because we are all so different. Sometimes people will not like their new brows even though they agreed to the pre-drawn version. Furthermore, they will say they are too dark or too thick. Or they will ask for a refund if they are not happy with them. You need to give your best, but also try to stay cool when dealing with complicated customers.

6. Marketing

You also need to invest in good marketing in order to reach your potential customers. Word of mouth is always the best, but those who have succeeded say that good marketing helped them a lot.

7. Socials are everything

The way you present your business on social media is extremely important. The beauty industry is all about aesthetics, so the images of your work must be perfect. You need to spend a lot time on social media, building up your portfolio. That is the first place clients will look when they are looking for a PMU artist.

8. Learn more techniques, never stop learning

In the first year, most of the money you earn should be spent on continuous education and improvements. No matter how good your initial course was, there is always something more you can learn about new trends, new techniques or new products.

Also, once you master one technique, it is good to learn another one to expand your clientele. Once you already grow your PMU business, it is easier to learn some additional techniques.

9. The job is really rewarding

And now some good things. Being able to make people feel better about themselves and to make them feel more confident is priceless. The feeling of making someone’s life better makes this job pretty rewarding. You will get some returning customers and make great friendships.

You can earn really good money in PMU business

Image Source: Pexels

10. You can earn really good money

It is not a myth – PMU industry is really one of the most lucrative right now. But it will not happen if you sit and wait. You need to work hard every single day. Don’t worry about the profit at the beginning and don’t get discouraged and quit easily.


To sum up, the most important thing you need to realize is that no beginning is easy and no success will come over night, but hard work and dedication will bring great results.

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