11 Celebrities with Permanent Makeup – Truth or Rumor?

celebrities with permanent makeup
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It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities are obsessed with permanent makeup. Permanent makeup helps them look good at any moment. With the paparazzi lurking around, waiting to take an ugly picture of them, they gotta look good 24/7.

And definitely PMU helps!

Let’s see what the most popular treatments among celebrities are, and who are the celebrities with permanent makeup.

1. Mila Kunis

When you think of game-changing brows, the first association is Cara Delavigne. A few years ago, everybody went crazy for her thick, bushy, natural brows and wanted them immediately.

That is when the microblading treatment started becoming popular.

Many celebrities with permanent makeup actually have microblading, and Mila Kunis is one of them. She decided to get rid of thin, pencil-drawn brows and opt for this super popular treatment.

Learn all about microblading in this guide.

Mila KunisImage source: Instagram @kristiestreicher

2. Michelle Obama

Allegedly, the wife of former US president and an epitome of elegance and style has been loving the benefits of permanent makeup

According to some beauty sources, Michelle had her eyebrows tattooed in such a natural-looking and delicate way they suit her perfectly.

And fuels all those beauty rumors – did she or didn’t she?

Michelle Obama permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @michelleobama

3. Megan Fox

The internet is full of Megan Fox’s before-after photos, which says how much she has changed over the years.

There are a couple of treatments and procedures that she had undergone, but the most obvious one is lip fillers.

Also, if we look at her no makeup photos, it can be seen that her lashes are still quite voluminous, so lash extensions are her thing, too.

In terms of eyebrows, her go-to treatment in the past couple of hears has been brow tinting with a really dark shade.

However, it can’t be denied that her team does a great job, because she looks stunning and natural!

Megan FoxImage source: Instagram @meganfox

4. Helen Mirren

As we age, our brows turn gray, lose volume, and need some enhancement to be visible at all. And microblading is perfect for mature women struggling with brow volume.

Known for her simple, elegant style, Mirren never goes overboard with makeup, but she decided to get her brows microbladed so she wouldn’t have to enhance them.

She went for a honey blonde shade that isn’t too obvious, yet makes all the difference. She originally got the treatment a few years ago, but since her brows are still looking fab, we’d say she touches them up regularly.

Helen Mirren Eyebrows TattooImage source: Instagram @helenmirren

5. Jennifer Lopez

J Lo ages like wine. Women around the world envy her perfect look.

One of the permanent makeup treatments this diva adores is eyebrows feathering combined with a light manual shading, which nicely accentuates her eyes and give her a natural and subtle makeup look as soon as she wakes up.

Jennifer Lopez permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @jlo

6. Nicolas Cage

It would be no surprise to find out many of the Hollywood men are also fans of permanent makeup – shame they won’t admit it!

One of the most popular actors of all generations, Nicolas Cage, has discovered some treatments that have helped him look more youthful. He had his eyebrows microbladed a while back in a subtle pattern perfect for men’s eyebrows.

It’s also been rumored that he did a permanent eyeliner treatment, but this is all speculation.

Nicolas Cage MicrobladingImage source: Instagram @nicolas_cage_officialfan

7. Madonna

It seems that Madonna stays young, despite being in her sixties.

But this isn’t all magic – microblading seems to be her secret weapon.

One of the features that helps this 80’s pop queen is her brows. Natural looking, thick brows give a face youthful look, so it’s no wonder she is a huge fan of microblading treatment.

Madona permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @madonna

8. Tori Spelling

The queen of 90s TV decided to get rid of her 90s brows. Tori rocked the overplucked tadpole brows for years, but in 2019, she finally took the brow plunge, as she says, and decided to get microblading.

She thickened her brows and gave them extra volume, but in a subtle way – the color was matched to het hair perfectly. Lately, her brows look like she added some shading to them.

With the 90s esthetic returning more and more and thin eyebrows becoming one of Gen Z’s favorite trends, we can’t help but wonder if Tori will end up missing her no-brows.

Tori Spelling permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @torispelling

9. Angelina Jolie

Best known for her naturally full lips, Angelina Jolie is also a fan of permanent makeup.

She also left thin eyebrows in the past and made herself even prettier with microbladed brows.

Also, her plump lips are hardly ever covered with additional lipstick, so it is possible that she has had a permanent lipstick treatment as well.

Angelina Jolie permanent makeup treatmentImage source: Instagram @angelinajolieofflcial

10. Rihanna

Here is another fan of tattooed eyebrows. Rihanna has a beautiful face, plump lips and gorgeous eyes. She used to emphasize her perfect features with tattooed brows, which gave her face youthful look.

Lately, though, it seems she turns to her beauty brand for brow enhancements and has let her brow tattoo fade.

Rihana permanent makeup browsImage source: Instagram @rihana_nv

11. Kim Kardashian

It is almost impossible to omit the queen of transformation from this list, although her love affair with microblading remains a rumor.

Kim K’s lashes always look perfect and there’s even a lash extensions style named after her – the Kim K wispy lashes. So that’s a treatment she obviously keeps coming back to.

Then, her eyeliner doesn’t smudge even when she cries in her shows – could it be it’s an eyeliner tattoo?

In any case, she hasn’t admitted which treatments and procedures she has undergone, so we’ll just have to keep guessing. 

Kim Kardashian permanent makeup treatmentsImage source: Instagram @kimkardashian

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