10 Celebrities with Permanent Makeup – Truth or Rumor?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on May 8, 2024
celebrities with permanent makeup and microblading
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It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities are obsessed with permanent makeup. Okay, some of them do keep it a secret – but they can’t fool PMUHub!

Permanent makeup helps them look good at any moment. With the paparazzi lurking around, waiting to take an ugly picture of them, they gotta look good 24/7.

And PMU definitely helps!

Let’s see what the most popular treatments among celebrities are, and try to get to the bottom of who celebrities with permanent makeup.

1. Mila Kunis – Microblading (CONFIRMED)

Many celebrities with permanent makeup actually have microblading, and Mila Kunis is one of them. She decided to get rid of thin, pencil-drawn brows and opt for this super popular treatment.

This particular style is called microfeathering – it implies a fluffy, almost messy pattern that looks really natural and laid-back.

Learn all about microblading in this guide.

Mila KunisImage source: Instagram @kristiestreicher

2. Michelle Obama – Combo Brows (RUMORED)

Allegedly, the wife of former US president and an epitome of elegance and style has been loving the benefits of permanent makeup

According to some beauty sources, Michelle had her eyebrows tattooed in such a natural-looking and delicate way they suit her perfectly.

And fuels all those beauty rumors – did she or didn’t she?

We’re inclined to say yes. The former First Lady used to wear her arches really thin but solid in color, but eventually took on a softer arch with a volumizing shadow effect that looks textured, like it has individual hairs.

Michelle Obama permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @michelleobama

3. Kathy Griffin – Microblading & Lip Blush (CONFIRMED)

Hollywood’s funniest lady doesn’t take her looks too seriously, but when it comes to brows, she’s not playing!

She had microblading done years ago, but the heat of the summer of 2023 seems to have prompted her to get it refreshed.

She decided to get lip blush, too, and of course she took the opportunity to make a sketch out of it. A normal side effect of lip blushing is swelling, and Kathy had a severe case! She documented her journey on YouTube, so you can see for yourself.

Nevertheless, her lips healed beautifully, and so did her brows.

Kathy Griffin with microblading and lip blushImage source: YouTube @KathyGriffin

4. Helen Mirren – Microblading (CONFIRMED)

As we age, our brows turn gray, lose volume, and need some enhancement to be visible at all. And microblading is perfect for mature women struggling with brow volume.

Known for her simple, elegant style, Mirren never goes overboard with makeup, but she decided to get her brows microbladed so she wouldn’t have to enhance them.

She went for a honey blonde shade that isn’t too obvious, yet makes all the difference. She originally got the treatment a few years ago, but since her brows are still looking fab, we’d say she touches them up regularly.

Helen Mirren Eyebrows TattooImage source: Instagram @helenmirren

5. Jennifer Lopez – Microfeathering (RUMORED)

This is one is an educated guess. She had really thin brows for years and years, and then suddenly – full on volume!

That can only be brow PMU.

Allegedly, she’s a fan of eyebrows feathering combined with a light manual shading, which nicely accentuates her eyes and give her a natural and subtle makeup look.

But we also know that she allegedly uses a combination of brow pencil and pomade to tweak up her arches – scroll down for the specific products she’s rumored to be using.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean she never had a brow tattoo done. It may just mean it’s slightly faded and she likes to touch it up.

Jennifer Lopez permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @jlo

6. Madonna – Faded Microblading (RUMORED)

It seems that Madonna stays young, despite being in her sixties.

But this isn’t all magic. So many media have speculated on whether Madonna had her brows microbladed – and where there’s smoke, right?

Our verdict is – possibly. Her brows went through so many stages over the years, including a really thin phase in the early 2000s.

Then, they magically got bushy again. It’s very possible microblading was the secret behind her brow glow-up.

But even if that was the case, we’ve seen her rocking the lifted tail, straight brow look, as well as bleached brows recently, and neither style showed any sign of old microblading strokes.

So, even if she did get microblading at some point, Madonna seems to be one of the celebrities with permanent makeup who let it fade into oblivion.

Madona permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @madonna

7. Tori Spelling – Microblading (CONFIRMED)

The queen of 90s TV decided to get rid of her 90s brows. Tori rocked the overplucked tadpole brows for years, but in 2019, she finally took the brow plunge, as she says, and decided to get microblading.

She thickened her brows and gave them extra volume, but in a subtle way – the color was matched to het hair perfectly. Lately, her brows look like she added some shading to them.

With the 90s esthetic returning more and more and thin eyebrows becoming one of Gen Z’s favorite trends, we can’t help but wonder if Tori will end up missing her no-brows.

Tori Spelling permanent makeupImage source: Instagram @torispelling

8. Shannen Doherty – Microshading (CONFIRMED)

As part of her cancer treatment, actress Shannen Doherty underwent chemotherapy, which left her with thinning eyebrows. Not wanting to commit to filling in her brows with makes every day, she sought eyebrow micropigmentation.

Here’s what she says about her brow tattoo journey:

Since chemo, I have struggled with my eyebrows. As you can see, they were sparse and i am not the person that enjoys waking up and filling them in every morning. I am beyond thrilled with […] the boost of confidence this gave me is priceless. 

Eyebrow tattooing is something cancer patients often turn to. It can help them regain at least a bit of the lost sense of normalcy in their lives, and this is proof how permanent makeup can truly improve lives.

Shannen Doherty Celebrities with Permanent MakeupImage source: Instagram @eyebrowkingtiago

9. Nicolas Cage – Microblading (RUMORED)

It would be no surprise to find out many of the Hollywood men are also fans of permanent makeup – shame they won’t admit it!

One of the most popular actors of all generations, Nicolas Cage, has discovered some treatments that have helped him look more youthful. He had his eyebrows microbladed a while back in a subtle pattern perfect for men’s eyebrows.

It’s also been rumored that he did a permanent eyeliner treatment, but this is all speculation.

But it can still be motivation for all the guys out there to explore how PMU can help them feel better about themselves!

Here’s a guide through men’s PMU – with great natural-looking examples!

Nicolas Cage MicrobladingImage source: Instagram @nicolas_cage_officialfan

10. Yolanda Hadid – Nano Brows (CONFIRMED)

The Real Housewife decided to really enhance her brows! At the beginning of 2023, Yolanda Hadid decided to get a brow tattoo that would make her look more youthful.

She went for a straighter brow, which is the trendiest brow look at the moment. Her artist brought her tails up and out and added extra strokes throughout her arches.

The technique she went for are nano brows, so machine hair strokes. This makes sense, since machine brows are generally better suited to more mature skin than microblading.

The color of choice is a very natural, very versatile warmer brown – the artist went with Evenflo pigments in the shades Oak + Mocha! If you’re an artist yourself, scroll down to but those exact pigments.

Yolanda Hadid permanent makeup for celebritiesImage source: Instagram @mailashbrows

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